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Kingdom Hearts Wiki
Kingdom Hearts Wiki Logo.png
Logo for Kingdom Hearts Wiki
Language English
Status Active
Run 2006 - present
Date opened April 1, 2006
Creator Riku5464
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 6,283+
Mascot None
Website Main Page

Kingdom Hearts Wiki is an independent wiki hosted by Porplemontage and serves as the wiki for the Kingdom Hearts series by Square Enix.


Kingdom Hearts Wiki was originally founded on April 1, 2006 by Riku5464 on Fandom (then Wikia). After the service began to impose changes against the will of the community, Kingdom Hearts Wiki went independent with assistance by Porplemontage on February 9, 2011. It, Chrono Wiki, and Dragon Quest Wiki would serve as founding members of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance, a group of wikis dedicated to games made by Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts Wiki became an affiliate of NIWA in 2012, and 10 years later, it would later formally join the alliance as a member on January 19, 2023.

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