King of the People of the Vale

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King of the People of the Vale
King of the Vale M14.png
King of the People of the Vale
Gender Male
Hometown Kingdom of the Vale
Region Unova
Relatives Hero of Truth (son), Hero of Ideals (son)
Anime debut M14
English voice actor Bill Tost
Japanese voice actor Kenji Utsumi

The King of the People of the Vale is a character in both versions of M14.

He lived one thousand years ago in the Kingdom of the Vale, where he was the leader of the People of the Vale. His kingdom was vibrant and prosperous due to his people's skilled, wise use of the "Dragon Force" energy radiating from the earth. However, his sons—the Hero of Truth and Hero of Ideals, respectively controlling Reshiram and Zekrom—began fighting, and the Dragon Force became corrupted and destructive. In order to right this horrible wrong, the King borrowed the power of his friend Victini and moved his castle and the People of the Earth to the cliff side where Eindoak Town would later be founded. He told Victini that should the castle ever be moved again, it will unleash the destructive power of the Dragon Force once more. He died shortly thereafter, before he was able to shut down the Protecting Pillars trapping Victini near the castle.



King of the People of the Vale's Victini
Main article: Victini (M14)

Victini was the King's friend in the Kingdom of the Vale one thousand years ago. The two were close, enough so that Victini was willing to lend the King its power to move the Sword of the Vale castle to where the corrupted "Dragon Force" could be stopped. However, it would later be trapped inside the area around the castle when the King died shortly thereafter.

Debut M14

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