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Poké Ball
Debuts in Creeping Past Cacnea
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Guile from Mawile
Gender Female
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Naive
Current location With Ruby
Skitty Delcatty
This Pokémon spent 13 rounds as Skitty.

Kiki (Japanese: COCO), known as Coco in Chuang Yi's translations, is one of the Pokémon owned by Ruby in the Pokémon Adventures manga. Kiki is used in the Cuteness Category for Contests.


As a Skitty

Kiki was, alongside Nana and Rara, the Pokémon Norman gave to Ruby before the events of the fourth chapter. Kiki is known to have won many Contests for Ruby in the Johto region before her introduction.

Kiki made her debut alongside Ruby's other Pokémon in Vs. Cacnea. Ruby later used her to help Mumu in training his appeal skills, but without much success. Later, she was sent out when a wild Crawdaunt attacked Mr. Briney and his Peeko wasn't able to battle as her beak was shattered by Crawdaunt's Shell Armor Ability. Kiki was able to defeat the Crawdaunt with her Cute Charm Ability.

She evolved in Granite Cave alongside Nana after touching Steven's Moon Stone, where she was used to prevent the wild Mawile from escaping Steven's trap. Ruby mentions that she became even cuter after evolution. Kiki was also used in battle when Ruby decided to face Norman after being found by him in the Weather Institute, however in this battle she was only used to lure Norman into a corner, in order to allow Mumu to deliver the real attack.

Kiki easily won the Normal and Super Rank Cuteness Contests. She was also used in an unofficial Beauty Contest against Wallace, but was defeated. She won the Hyper Rank of the same category when Ruby traveled to Slateport after his fight with Sapphire in Fortree City. She was used again in the battle against Archie and Maxie in Cave of Origin alongside Ruby's and Sapphire's other Pokémon. Kiki later won the Master Rank of the Cuteness Contests.

Personality and characteristics

In addition to her Contest skills, Kiki, during her Skitty stage, has been shown to be a strong battler when she defeated a wild Crawdaunt on board Mr. Briney's boat. She is also revealed to get seasick while sailing, and has a habit of chasing her tail.

Moves used

Kiki Iron Tail.png
Using Iron Tail
Move First Used In
Safeguard Brushing Past Breloom
Double-Edge VS Crawdaunt I
Iron Tail VS Slaking I
Growl VS Medicham
Attract VS Luvdisc I
Covet VS Kyogre & Groudon XI
Assist VS Kyogre & Groudon XI
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves used via Assist

Kiki Assist Iron Defense.png
Using Iron Defense
Move First Used In
Iron Defense VS Kyogre & Groudon XI*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Of all of the Pokémon Norman gave to Ruby, she is the only one to be of Norman's specialty type.

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