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Kids' WB!
The logo of Kids' WB! since it became an online network.
Headquarters File:FlagUSA.PNG USA
Launched 1995
Broadcasted On The WB, The CW.

Kids' WB! is an online network that broadcasts WB animated TV shows. From 1995-2008 it was a programming block that was broadcast on The WB and then The CW, due to WB and UPN merging. It aired the English-language dub of the Pokémon anime in the USA until 2006. The logo of Kid's WB varied between Michigan J. Frog and the WB Water Tower.

The network first obtained the rights to air Pokémon late in the first season, beginning with The Problem with Paras. They then went on to air the rest of that season, as well as all seasons through season eight. Warner Bros. also used the Kids' WB! name in their promotions of the first three Pokémon movies.

The Kids' WB! logo used from 1997-2001.

In 2006, the network announced that they would be dropping all non-WB shows. Because Pokémon is not produced by the WB, it was dropped from the network, along with Yu-Gi-Oh! and several other shows.

File:Kids' WB!'s Last Television Logo.jpg
Kids' WB logo from 2001-2008. It can be seen on the website under become a Kids' WB! Member.

On October 2nd, 2007 it was announced that the block would end in September 2008. The reason stated is because of effects of children's advertising limits and cable competition. The block was be sold to 4Kids Entertainment, meaning that they will run two different programming blocks: 4Kids TV on FOX, and the new The CW4Kids on The CW. It was revealed the last Kids' WB airing would be May 17th, 2008, following the next weekend the block would become The CW 4Kids. Kids' WB!, along with The WB are now online networks and the Kids' WB! website is now cw4kids.com.As ofFebruary 17, 2009 Kids' WB is accesible as a video on demand service to Comcast viewers.As of December 2008 4KidsTV is now an online website and TheCW4Kids is the only block owned by 4Kids Entertainment.

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