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He is set to appear again in [[DP180]].
He is set to appear again in [[DP180]].
==Relationship with Dawn==
[[File:Kenny blushing.jpg|thumb|right|Kenny blushing at the contest.]]
Kenny seems to have a crush on Dawn as:
* In ''[[Getting the Pre-Contest Titters]]'' he met up with the team for the first time. When the pokemon contest started Kenny saw Dawn for the first time in a dress and is speechless. Then Dawn, realizing Kenny notices her dress, she says to him, "Oh, I see! It's because you've never seen me in a dress before, right?" Kenny replies, "What!? That's crazy!..." Dawn asks him, "What's the matter, Kenny" Kenny says, "Nothing." Dawn questions Kenny, "Don't you think I'm pretty?" And Kenny, of course trying to avoid the subject, says, "Now listen here, I'm not going to go easy on you!"
*In ''[[Journey to the Unown]]'' it became clear that Kenny has a crush on her. When the team escaped from the temple Kenny asked Ash not to tell Dawn how much he had freaked in there. He blushed immediately and then Brock said "Everyone has secrets in his closet" which made Kenny smile nervously.
*In addition, he teases her a lot and they say that when a girl or a boy teases the other is because they like him/her.

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ケンゴ Kengo
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Getting the Pre-Contest Titters
English voice actor Rhonda Krempa
Japanese voice actor Yūko Mita

Kenny (Japanese: ケンゴ Kengo) is a Coordinator and is a childhood friend of Dawn and Leona. He and Dawn have since become rivals.


Kenny first appeared in Getting the Pre-Contest Titters and Settling a Not-So-Old Score in which he and Dawn entered the Floaroma Pokémon Contest. Both of them made it to the finals, but he lost to Dawn after a closely fought battle.

He made a brief appearance on television in Throwing the Track Switch with his Prinplup in which he appears winning a Pokémon Contest, which gave him his second ribbon.

He appeared again in Journey to the Unown! and Team Shocker!, where he enters the Solaceon Town Contest with a new Pokémon, a Breloom.

Kenny and Leona in their childhood

In Pruning a Passel of Pals! and Strategy With a Smile! he made short cameos watching the Wallace Cup on TV. Kenny then made a cameo in A Breed Stampede! alongside with Nando in Marian's news report about Coordinators.

He also appeared in Stopped in the Name of Love!, along with Barry, where they revealed that they are best friends, despite having recently met. In Old Rivals, New Tricks!, he reappeared, entering in the Sandalstraw Town Contest and won against Dawn's Ambipom with his Prinplup, earning him his fourth ribbon.

Kenny calls Dawn by her nickname, Dee Dee (Japanese: ピカリ Pikari). It was revealed in DP161 that he came up with the name to make fun of Dawn when they were younger.

In DP174, Kenny participated in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, where it was revealed that his Prinplup had evolved into an Empoleon. During the appeal round, he used Empoleon alongside his Floatzel, and while the appeal started well Empoleon's Flash Cannon was too powerful and Floatzel was sent flying. As a result, Kenny didn't make it past the appeal round, leading to an early exit from the competition. Upset about his loss, Kenny decided not to remain for the rest of the Grand Festival and after bidding farewell to Dawn and her friends, Kenny left Lake Valor to being his training anew. He made a brief cameo in DP177 watching Dawn and Zoey compete in the finals.

He is set to appear again in DP180.


This listing is of Kenny's known Pokémon:

Kenny's Empoleon
Main article: Kenny's Empoleon

Empoleon is Kenny's main Pokémon. It is Kenny's starter Pokémon, and he obtained when it was a Piplup. Empoleon was first seen as a Prinplup in Getting the Pre-Contest Titters.

Debut Getting the Pre-Contest Titters
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Bill Rogers
Kenny's Alakazam
Kenny uses his Alakazam in the first round of the Floaroma Pokémon Contest in Settling a Not-So-Old Score!. It made a wonderful performance using Light Screen, Shadow Ball, Teleport and Hidden Power which helped Kenny get through to the next round.
Debut Settling a Not-So-Old Score!
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers
Kenny's Breloom
Kenny has a Breloom that appeared in Journey to the Unown! and Team Shocker!. He has used it in battle against Ash's Turtwig and in his appeal at the Solaceon Contest in the following episode.

Breloom's known moves are Stun Spore, Mach Punch and Energy Ball.

Debut Journey to the Unown!
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers
Kenny's Machoke
Machoke is a Pokémon Kenny has that he used in the Appeals Round of the Sandalstraw Contest in Old Rivals, New Tricks!. Machoke's power was impressive enough to easily allow Kenny to pass through to the finals.

Machoke's known moves are Focus Energy and Strength.

Debut Old Rivals, New Tricks!
Voice actors
English Tom Wayland
Kenny's Floatzel
Kenny's Floatzel first appeared in DP174 as he used it for the Appeals Round in the Grand Festival with his Empoleon. During the performance Floatzel was overpowered by Empoleon's Flash Cannon and was sent flying backwards, causing Kenny to be eliminated from the tournament.

Floatzel's known moves are Aqua Jet, Whirlpool and Razor Wind.

Debut DP174


Ribbons obtained

File:Kenny's fourth ribbon.png
The Sandalstraw Town Ribbon



  • His Japanese name may be derived from 金剛 kongo, the Japanese word for "diamond". This is similar to how Shinji (Paul), who is Ash's rival, is similar to 真珠 shinju, the Japanese word for "pearl".
  • Just like Gary Oak, another rival of a main character, Kenny started off with a Template:Type2 Pokémon and owns an Alakazam.
    • Both Gary and Kenny have a Japanese voice actress whose first names are both read as Yūko.
  • Kenny has similarities to his and Dawn's other friend, Leona, having a similar hairstyle, clothes, both being Dawn's childhood friend and both calling Dawn "Dee Dee" sometimes.
  • All of Kenny's Pokémon are voiced by Bill Rogers in English, expect for Machoke, who is voiced for Tom Wayland.
  • Kenny has a blue Pokétch, the one given to male players in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 三田ゆう子 Yūko Mita
English Rhonda Krempa
Czech Michal Holán
Spanish Latin America Javier Olguín (DP026-DP027)
Xóchitl Ugarte (DP060-DP061)
Bruno Coronel (DP122-present)
Spain Chelo Vivares

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