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[[File:Keith PRB.png|thumb|Keith in the manga]]
[[File:Keith PRB.png|thumb|Keith in the manga]]
Keith appears as a cameo when [[Erma]] recalls about {{ra|Kate}} and [[Kellyn]]'s old classmates.
Keith appears as a cameo when [[Erma]] recalls about {{ra|Kate}} and [[Kellyn]]'s old classmates.
* His name resembles that of [[Heath]] of the [[Sinis Trio]], even in Japanese. '''ダズル''' ''Dazzle'' (Dazuru) is somewhat similar to '''デゼル''' ''Deser'' (Dezeru).

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This is about the ranger in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. If you were looking for the ranger from its prequel, see Keith (Fall City).

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ダズル Dazzle
Art from Shadows of Almia
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Almia
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Keith (Japanese: ダズル Dazzle) is a Pokémon Ranger in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. He quickly becomes friends with the player, along with Rhythmi, during their time in the Ranger School. After graduation, he was assigned to Fiore, unlike the player. There, he met his partner, Buizel. He appears multiple times in The Almia Times, where some of his rescues in Fiore are shown. He aspires to become a Top Ranger, which is eventually accomplished—by no mere coincidence—at the same time as the player. He is declared the twelfth of twelve rangers to become Top Rangers. Later, on a mission to get the Yellow Gem, he is kidnapped by Heath in Hippowdon Temple and held for ransom, his Styler stolen so Heath could lure the player to him. The player has to hand in the just-obtained Yellow Gem to Heath to rescue Keith; after he obtained the Yellow Gem, Heath flees to the Altru Tower to secure the gem so the Shadow Crystal could not be neutralized. Keith later assists the player during Operation Brighton, saving the player from Darkrai's Dark Power Field Move.

After the game, he is rarely seen. He cannot be found regularly and will only appear when the player completes the Browser, conquers the Capture Arena, and finishes a certain quest.

On Ranger Net, Keith will partner up with the player for the mission "Liberate the Tower!".




Controlled with Capture Styler


In the manga

Keith in the manga

Keith appears as a cameo when Erma recalls about Kate and Kellyn's old classmates.


  • His name resembles that of Heath of the Sinis Trio, even in Japanese. ダズル Dazzle (Dazuru) is somewhat similar to デゼル Deser (Dezeru).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ダズル Dazzle
English Keith
French Steph
German Bodo
Italian Alex
Spanish Silvio

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