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If you were looking for the similarly spelled name, see Katie.
カエデ Kaede
"The Sugarbug"
Scarlet Violet Katy.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Hometown Cortondo
Region Paldea
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Member of Paldea League
Rank Gym Leader
Leader of Cortondo Gym
Badge Bug Badge
Specializes in Bug-types
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut HZ047
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Kotono Mitsuishi

Katy (Japanese: カエデ Kaede) is a Gym Leader of Cortondo's Gym, known officially as the Cortondo Gym. She specializes in Bug-type Pokémon. She hands out the Bug Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

In the core series games

Besides being a Gym Leader, Katy runs a bakery named Patisserie Soapberry (Japanese: ムクロジ Mukuroji). She believes that both sweets and Bug-type Pokémon have great power despite their small sizes.[1] She was trained in the art of baking under the wing of Kofu.

Because her Gym is so close to Mesagoza, where many Trainers begin their Pokémon journey, Geeta urges Katy to keep her battle style light and easy despite her wanting to go more all out, as evident by her Gym having the lowest-leveled Pokémon in the Paldea League. After her post-game rematch with the player, she has a moment of reflection and decides to step up the difficulty of her Gym to fit her style more.

In addition to the Gym Badge, Katy gives out TM021 (Pounce) after defeating her.

In The Indigo Disk, Katy can be invited to act as a special coach at Blueberry Academy.


Gym battle

Katy will Terastallize her Teddiursa at the first opportunity.


Katy will Terastallize her Ursaring at the first opportunity.

League Club Room

Katy will Terastallize her Ursaring at the first opportunity.

Traded to the player

Upon the third unique interaction with Katy in the League Club Room, she will trade a Combee to the player in exchange for almost any Pokémon excluding Shiny, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon.

#0415  Combee Female icon HOME.png  Paldea icon.png
Poké Ball HOME.png Level 15 0415Combee.png
BugIC SV.png FlyingIC SV.png
Tera Type: BugIC Tera.png
Ability: Hustle
Held item: None
ID: 993663
OT: Katy
Met: a Link Trade
Nature: Calm
/ Marks:
Partner Ribbon 
Flying icon.pngFlying SpecialIC SV.png
Sweet Scent
Normal icon.pngNormal StatusIC SV.png
Bug Bite
Bug icon.pngBug PhysicalIC SV.png
Struggle Bug
Bug icon.pngBug SpecialIC SV.png
Games Method Duration
SV In-game trade
This Pokémon has a fixed Scale value of 128.
This Pokémon may only be redeemed once per save file.
Date received is the date on the system when the gift is redeemed.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.


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Sprites and models

VSKaty.png Katy League Club Room Profile.png
VS model from
Scarlet and Violet
Special Coach profile image from
Scarlet and Violet


Katy concept art.jpg
Concept art from Scarlet and Violet


Katy anime 2.png Katy Anime Expression Sheet.png
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Pokémon Horizons: The Series

In the anime

Katy in the anime

Main series

Katy appeared in silhouette alongside the other Gym Leaders in HZ046, and was later mentioned as Liko's first challenge at Terastal Training.

Katy physically debuted in HZ047 as the owner of Patisserie Soapberry, where Murdock was working for the time being. Katy set a baking contest between Liko and Coral to see which one of them would battle her, which Liko won, allowing Liko to battle her. Although Liko lost the battle, Katy still passed Liko due to her mastering the basics of Terastallizing.


On hand
Katy's Teddiursa

Katy's Terastallized Teddiursa
Teddiursa Bug
Teddiursa is Katy's first known Pokémon. It is capable of Terastallizing into a Bug type. Katy used it in her battle against Liko and her Floragato. Despite Liko Terastallizing her Floragato, Teddiursa was ultimately able to overwhelm and defeat her.

Teddiursa's known moves are Charm, Slash, Sweet Scent, and Fury Cutter.

Debut HZ047
Traveling with
Katy Rotom Phone.png
Rotom Phone


Katy in Biri-Biri

Katy briefly appeared as a silhouette alongside the rest of Paldea Gym Leaders in the music video for Biri-Biri.

Pokémon: Paldean Winds

Katy appeared in Breathe Together, in which she is introduced by Iono as one of Paldea's Gym Leaders during her video collaboration with Naranja Academy.



In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Katy debuted in PASV06. She was first seen watching Scarlet participate in the Cortondo Gym's Olive Roll. Once Scarlet successfully completed the Gym Test, she faced Katy in a Gym battle. Although Scarlet emerged victorious, she rejected the Gym Badge Katy offered her, stating she had no need for it. Instead, Scarlet revealed her profession as a treasure hunter looking for the treasures of ruin and requested that Katy provide her with any information she might have on them.


Katy's Tarountula
Tarountula is Katy's first known Pokémon. It was first used to face Scarlet's Tarountula in a Gym battle, but the result was declared a draw due to both being evenly matched.

None of Tarountula's moves are known.

Debut PASV06
Katy's Nymble
Nymble is Katy's second known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Scarlet's Sprigatito, where it used hit-and-run tactics to bewilder its opponent. Eventually, it was defeated after Sprigatito used Leafage to conceal its movements and launch a sneak attack.

None of Nymble's moves are known.

Debut PASV06
Katy's Teddiursa

Katy's Terastallized Teddiursa
Teddiursa Bug
Teddiursa is Katy's third known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Scarlet's Sprigatito and won after Terastallizing into a Bug type. Afterward, it was defeated by Scarlet's Tera Flying Pikachu.

None of Teddiursa's moves are known.

Debut PASV06

In the TCG

Ultra rare Katy
Main article: Katy (Scarlet & Violet 177)

Katy was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Scarlet & Violet Series (the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Era). It was first released in the Japanese Violet ex expansion and the English Scarlet & Violet expansion, with artwork by Akira Komayama. An ultra rare version of the card with artwork by the same illustrator was also included in these sets. It lets players shuffle their hand into their deck, and draw eight cards. This ends the player's turn.


An apron with the earlier unused design for Katy's logo, as seen in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet reveal trailer[2]
  • Katy's Japanese Gym Leader title is お菓子の虫.
  • The logo on Katy's apron is notably different in her concept art compared to her final design. An apron with the unused logo is shown prominently in the announcement trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.[2]
  • Katy has the highest Trainer ID number (993663) of any NPC in the franchise whose ID number is canonically known, as seen in the in-game trade she offers in Blueberry Academy's League Club Room.
  • Katy is the only Paldea Gym Leader whose Terastallized Pokémon changes between her initial Gym battle and her rematch battle (due to her Teddiursa having evolved into Ursaring).
    • The fact that Katy's Terastallized Pokémon is Teddiursa (and later Ursaring) may allude to common depictions of bears enjoying honey. It may also be a pun on the bugbear, a mythical creature.
    • She is also the only NPC Trainer to use a Terastallized Pokémon that is unevolved in her final team, as Ursaring is unable to evolve into Ursaluna in Scarlet and Violet.


Language Name Origin
Japanese カエデ Kaede From 楓 kaede (maple)
English Katy Similar to her Japanese name and possibly from katydid (bush crickets)
German Ronah From an anagram of Ahorn (maple)
Spanish Araceli From arce (maple) and possibly from arácnido (arachnid) or araña (spider). Araceli is also a Spanish name typical from Lucena, located in Córdoba, which Cortondo is likely based on
French Éra From érable (maple)
Italian Aceria From acero (maple)
Korean 단풍 Danpung From 단풍 (丹楓) danpung (maple)
Chinese (Mandarin) 阿楓 / 阿枫 Ā Fēng From 楓 / 枫 fēng / fūng (maple)
Chinese (Cantonese) 阿楓 A Fūng
Indonesian Sera From Acer (genus of maples) and serangga (bug, insect)
Brazilian Portuguese Catarina From her English name
Thai คาเอเดะ Khaede Transliteration of her Japanese name

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