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Route 0 0番道路
Route 0
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Kanto Route 0
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Route 17, also known as Cycling Road, is a north-south route in central Kanto. Only people with Bicycles or Motorcycles are permitted to travel on the road, making the route a favorite hangout for motorcyclists and bicyclists alike. The northern terminus of Route 17 is at Route 16 on top of the steep hill that makes up the entire length of Route 17. The southern terminus is at the base of the hill, where it becomes Route 18.

The hill makes traveling towards Fuchsia City a breeze. The slog uphill towards Celadon City is considerably slower and more difficult.

Route description

From Route 16 south, two stone paths in the grass provide bikers with a guide on where to travel. Just south of the northern terminus is a grassy area containing wild Pokémon east of the eastern path. South of the grass, a third stone path begins, paralleling a narrow channel of water along its entire length.

Several paces south of the north bank of the channel, the middle stone path ends, becoming a dirt path as it runs between the aforementioned water body and a second channel that begins at this point. The west stone path runs along the west bank of the new channel, meeting the dirt path at the southern end of the channel.

About 20 paces south of the junction between the western and central paths, a small strip of land connects the western and eastern paths and separates a small body of water from the long channel to the north. The two paths merge into a single Route 17 just south of this point.

Two more stone paths form at this point, lining the western and eastern edges of the route. They come to an end at a ledge that also marks the end of Route 17.

Though the water is not blocked off from the route, fishing along Route 17 is prohibited.



Generation I

Generation II

  • Fearow - Morning and Day
  • Grimer - All times
  • Muk - All times
  • Slugma - All times (Gold and Silver); Night only (Crystal)

Generation III

  • Doduo
  • Fearow
  • Raticate
  • Rattata
  • Spearow

Differences among generations

Generation II

In Generation II, the southern portion of Route 17 was substantially reduced in length. Also, the number of trainers along the route was reduced from 10 in other Generations to four in Generation II. The design of the route was tweaked slightly as well.

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