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The Kanto Grand Festival is an anime-exclusive event held in the Indigo Plateau. All Pokémon Coordinators who earn five ribbons in Kanto are eligible to enter. Lilian is the announcer of the Kanto Grand Festival.

The winner of the Kanto Grand Festival gets the Ribbon Cup as their prize.


During the Grand Festival, which began in the episode May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!, 270 participants were entered. After the appeals round, the number of participants was reduced to 64 for the semifinals and to 16 for the quarter finals.

Apart from the usual panel of judges made of Raoul Contesta, Mr. Sukizo and a Nurse Joy, the host of the Contests in Hoenn, Vivian Meridian, was also a guest judge while three other Nurse Joys gave the scores. Jessadia, who was Jessie in disguise, also hosted the Grand Festival with Lilian. Jessadia had James, Meowth and Wobbuffet as her crew.


Each round is judged by a panel of five individuals. They include Contesta, Sukizo and three Nurse Joys from the Kanto region.


Just like ordinary contests, the first round is the appeals stage. Coordinators have their Pokémon perform various moves in order to impress the judges. There were two rounds included for this. The first of which the coordinators had their Pokémon perform with only one move. The next round had the coordinators have their Pokémon use as many moves as necessary. The top scoring coordinators from this round move on to the next stage.

Double-battle rounds

The next rounds show how skilled coordinators and their Pokémon are when put into battle. Whoever loses is out of the tournament, and the winner keeps going until he or she gets to the final round. The winner of the final round is then declared the winner of the Kanto Grand Festival.

Known contestants

Trainer Place
Solidad Winner
May Top 2
Drew Top 8
Harley Top 16

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