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===Rank information===
===Warlord information===
====Rank I====
====Rank I====
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* Reach a 60% Link with Kadabra or Alakazam when deployed in the same kingdom as Kenshin
* Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 60% link with Kadabra or Alakazam while [[Kenshin]] is in the same kingdom.

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カネツグ Kanetsugu
Naoe Kanetsugu.png
Kanetsugu with Gardevoir
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Kingdom Illusio
Specialty Psychic
Default Pokémon Kirlia

Kanetsugu (Japanese: カネツグ) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

In the games

Muneshige, Magoichi, Okuni, Tadakatsu, Kanetsugu, Yukimura, Gracia and Hanbei, the playable characters in the Junior Warlord competition
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Warlord information

Rank I

Conquest Kanetsugu I.png Power 65
Wisdom 88
Charisma 79
Total 232
Warrior Skill Rally
Capacity 7
Perfect Links
064CFS.png Kadabra

Rank II

Conquest Kanetsugu II.png Power 75
Wisdom 97
Charisma 89
Total 261
Warrior Skill Love and Honor
Capacity 7
Perfect Links
064CFS.png Kadabra 065CFS.png Alakazam
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 60% link with Kadabra or Alakazam while Kenshin is in the same kingdom.


  • Start of turn:
    • With low health:
"This is grim..."
  • Otherwise:
"For honor!"
  • Start of battle:
    • When attacking a castle:
"For all my beloved Pokémon!"
  • When defending a castle:
"Our army will stand and fight!"
  • During battle:
  • When ordering to attack:
"<Move's name>! Now!'"
  • Upon forming a Link:
"<Pokémon's name> and I are now linked through our love of the just and the good."
  • When using an item:
"You must use my <item>."
  • When using his Warrior Skill:
"Know the true meaning of honor!"
  • After winning a battle:
"Behold! This is a victory for truth and honor!"
  • When defeated:
    • If recruited:
"We have fought tooth and nail, but I sense we could one day become allies."
  • Otherwise:
"Honor cannot be defeated. It must not be!"
  • When being recruited:
"Let us journey together toward the truth!"


Warmhearted and very dutiful, he will always attempt to punish anyone he feels has been unjust, in a bid to show them the true path.

Historical origin

Kanetsugu is based on the real-life Naoe Kanetsugu of Japanese history. He was married to Sen (Osen no kata).




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