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| jarelease = November 8th, 2013 <small>(Standard versions)</small><br>November 15th, 2013 <small>(DX versions)</small>
| jarelease = November 8th, 2013 <small>(Standard versions)</small><br>November 15th, 2013 <small>(DX versions)</small>
The '''Kalos Starer Set''' (Japanese: '''はじめてセット''' ''Beginning Set'' and '''はじめてセット forガール''' ''Beginning Set for Girls'') is the first release of cards in the XY Series of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. The Beginning Set is the first of the XY Era
The '''Kalos Starter Set''' (Japanese: '''はじめてセット''' ''Beginning Set'' and '''はじめてセット forガール''' ''Beginning Set for Girls'') is the first release of cards in the XY Series of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. The Beginning Set is the first of the XY Era

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Kalos Starter Set
はじめてセット/はじめてセット forガール
Cards in set English: 39
Japanese: 39
Set number English: --
Japanese: --
Release date English: November 8th, 2013
Japanese: November 8th, 2013 (Standard versions)
November 15th, 2013 (DX versions)
Theme Decks Chespin Deck (GrassFairy)
Fennekin Deck (FireDarkness)
Froakie Deck (Water)
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Beginning Set/Beginning Set for Girls
[[{{{janextset}}} (TCG)|{{{janextsetname}}}]]

The Kalos Starter Set (Japanese: はじめてセット Beginning Set and はじめてセット forガール Beginning Set for Girls) is the first release of cards in the XY Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Beginning Set is the first of the XY Era


Your Adventure Begins!
First appearances from long-awaited Pokémon and a brand-new battle strategy! Which Pokémon will you choose to begin this exciting journey: Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie? Pick your Pokémon and get ready to battle!


Featuring the three Kalos region starter Pokémon, the Kalos Starter Set Decks are a trio of Theme Decks each with a regular version and a deluxe version. Releasing November 8th, 2013, the Chespin Deck, Fennekin Deck, and Froakie Deck will each include damage counters, a custom coin, a rule sheet, a deckbox featuring their respective Pokémon, and a code for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, allowing players to unlock the deck online. The Deluxe versions also contain a booster pack from the Black & White Series.

The Japanese release is much like the release of the Black & White Beginning Set, two simultaneous deck kits were released marketed at a specific gender. The contents of the two sets are largely similar; both have three half decks based on the Generation VI starters Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie; both also contain the same assortment of game essentials. The major difference is in the design of the products and items themselves, the girls set advertised as "cuter" when compared to the standard Beginning Set. Each set also has a small number of exclusive cards, but both share a collective numbering system and set symbol. The half decks are further identified by featuring colored silhouettes of the appropriate starter Pokémon.

In addition to the half decks, each Beginning Set contains damage counters, a coin, a play mat, as well as how to play DVDs and manuals. Deluxe (DX) versions of each set were later released a week later on November 15, 2013. The DX versions contain the same contents as their regular counterparts in addition to a themed deck case, card sleeves, sticker sheet, notebook, and are presented in a metal case, but no additional cards.

Card lists

Kalos Starter Set
No. Card Type Quantity
1/39 Weedle Grass ×
2/39 Pansage Grass ×
3/39 Chespin Grass ×
4/39 Quilladin Grass ×
5/39 Chesnaught Grass ×
6/39 Slugma Fire ×
7/39 ×
8/39 Fennekin Fire ×
9/39 Braixen Fire ×
10/39 Delphox Fire ×
11/39 ×
12/39 Froakie Water ×
13/39 Frogadier Water ×
14/39 Greninja Water ×
15/39 ×
16/39 Poochyena Darkness ×
17/39 ×
18/39 ×
19/39 ×
20/39 ×
21/39 ×
22/39 Snubbull Fairy ×
23/39 Granbull Fairy ×
24/39 Swirlix Fairy ×
25/39 ×
26/39 Snorlax Colorless ×
27/39 Miltank Colorless ×
28/39 Skitty Colorless ×
29/39 Bidoof Colorless ×
30/39 Bunnelby Colorless ×
31/39 ×
32/39 Furfrou Colorless ×
33/39 Furfrou Colorless ×
34/39 ×
35/39 Poké Ball I ×
36/39 ×
37/39 Potion I ×
38/39 Switch I ×
39/39 Tierno Su ×

XY Beginning Set
No. Card Type Quantity
001/039 Weedle Grass ×
002/039 Pansage Grass ×
003/039 Chespin Grass ×
004/039 Quilladin Grass ×
005/039 Chesnaught Grass ×
006/039 Slugma Fire ×
007/039 ×
008/039 Fennekin Fire ×
009/039 Braixen Fire ×
010/039 Delphox Fire ×
011/039 ×
012/039 Froakie Water ×
013/039 Frogadier Water ×
014/039 Greninja Water ×
015/039 ×
016/039 Poochyena Darkness ×
017/039 ×
018/039 ×
019/039 ×
020/039 ×
021/039 ×
022/039 Snubbull Fairy ×
023/039 Granbull Fairy ×
024/039 Swirlix Fairy ×
025/039 ×
026/039 Snorlax Colorless ×
027/039 Miltank Colorless ×
028/039 Skitty Colorless ×
029/039 Bidoof Colorless ×
030/039 Bunnelby Colorless ×
031/039 ×
032/039 Furfrou Colorless ×
033/039 Furfrou Colorless ×
034/039 ×
035/039 Poké Ball I ×
036/039 ×
037/039 Potion I ×
038/039 Switch I ×
039/039 Tierno Su ×

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