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* The word "Kalosian", as seen in [[Kiloude City]]'s description, is the adjectival form of Kalos.
* The word "Kalosian", as seen in [[Kiloude City]]'s description, is the adjectival form of Kalos.
* Kalos is the only main series region that does not have a [[department store]].
* Kalos is the only main series region that does not have a [[department store]].
* Kalos is the only main series region that does not have a notable {{type|Ghost}} [[Type specialist|specialist]] at any point.
==See also==
==See also==

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Kalos カロス地方
Kalos region
Kalos XY.png
Artwork of the Kalos region from Pokémon X and Y
Introduction Pokémon X and Y
Professor Professor Sycamore
Starter Pokémon Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie
Regional Villains Team Flare
Pokémon League Kalos League
League Location Pokémon League
Pokédex List Kalos Pokédex
Series XY
Season(s) Pokémon the Series: XY (17)
Generation VI
Games X and Y
Adventures Debut {{{manga}}}
Highlights of the areas within each Pokédex.

Kalos (Japanese: カロス地方 Kalos-chihō) is a region of the Pokémon world. It is the setting of Pokémon X and Y. It is based on the northern part of France.[1]

The Kalos region is shaped like a five-pointed star, with one of its biggest cities being Lumiose City to the north-central part of the region. It features a vast network of rivers and waterways snaking through much of its landscape, cities and towns. North-east of Lumiose City, lies a mountain range where more frigid temperatures exist, extending down into the plains below. Western Kalos features a vast ocean, where the shore side city of Shalour City lies in the middle of a cove.


According to Junichi Masuda, the name "Kalos" comes from the Greek word κάλλος, meaning beauty.[2]

Cities, routes, and other locations

Cities and towns

Map City/Town Population Description
Vaniville Town XY.png Vaniville Town 9 Blooming buds covered in mountain dew exude hope for the future in this small town.
Aquacorde Town XY.png Aquacorde Town 15 A town that naturally sprang as people flocked to this pristine riverside.
Santalune City XY.png Santalune City 36 Many beginning Trainers gather in this friendly city to start a Pokémon journey.
Lumiose City.png Lumiose City A dazzling metropolis of art and artifice, located in the very heart of the Kalos region.
Camphrier Town XY.png Camphrier Town 18 This ancient town was once famous for the long-neglected manor home of a noble family.
Cyllage City XY.png Cyllage City 50 A city nestled between the cliffs and the sea, overlooked by steep Bicycle racecourses.
Ambrette Town XY.png Ambrette Town 27 This town was known only for its aquarium until the discovery of rare Fossils really put it on the map.
Geosenge Town XY.png Geosenge Town 11 A town lined with mysterious stones and encircled by strange ruins of old.
Shalour City XY.png Shalour City 40 The seaside home of the Tower of Mastery, where the legend of mysterious stones lives on.
Coumarine City XY.png Coumarine City 43 An exclusive resort area made popular thanks to its clear skies and mild atmosphere.
Laverre City XY.png Laverre City 43 An unearthly city created by those inspired by a mysterious and ancient tree 1,500 years old.
Dendemille Town XY.png Dendemille Town 21 A rural town where Pokémon and windmills work together to farm the land in a chilly latitude.
Anistar City XY.png Anistar City 37 Some say the enigmatic device used as a sundial came from outer space.
Couriway Town XY.png Couriway Town 17 The railway brings people from great distances to see the huge, majestic falls.
Snowbelle City XY.png Snowbelle City 39 They say the cold air flowing from the Pokémon Gym is responsible for this city's frozen state.
Photo Spot Pokémon League.png Pokémon League 12 This path is open only to those who can best every Pokémon Gym in the Kalos region.
Kiloude City XY.png Kiloude City This city, popular with Pokémon Trainers, is a typical example of southern Kalosian life.


Map Landmark Description
Santalune Forest XY.png Santalune Forest The gentle light filtering through this sun-dappled forest makes it a popular spot for natural walks.
XY Prerelease Tower of Mastery.png Tower of Mastery The tower of further awakenings.
Chamber of Emptiness XY.png Chamber of Emptiness A mysterious void. It is said that nothing can exist within it.
Kalos Victory Road First cave XY.png Victory Road This treacherous path to the Pokémon League will break the hearts of even the toughest Trainers.
Parfum Palace XY.png Parfum Palace A luxurious palace constructed 300 years ago by a king who wished to display his power to all.
Connecting Cave XY.png Connecting Cave This cave linking Route 7 and Cyllage City is notable for its great hordes of Zubat.
Glittering Cave XY.png Glittering Cave Lose all sense of direction as you wander through this cave, where Luminous Moss glows emerald green.
Reflection Cave B1F XY.png Reflection Cave The sheer faces of these rock walls reflect the images of people and Pokémon like nature's mirror.
Kalos Power Plant XY.png Kalos Power Plant An environmentally responsible power plant that generates solar power from space.
Azure Bay XY.png Azure Bay The deep blue ocean off Kalos's coast, where Pokémon from distant lands are said to visit.
Sea Spirit's Den XY.png Sea Spirit's Den A pit in the shallows of Azure Bay thought to have been born from an ancient outpouring of energy.
Poké Ball Factory XY.png Poké Ball Factory An expansive factory where every Poké Ball used in the Kalos region is produced.
Lost Hotel XY.png Lost Hotel This once-famous hotel clings to the shade of its former glory after tragedy left it in ruins.
Frost Cavern 1F XY.png Frost Cavern The drifting snow and impenetrable fog make this cavern a place of fantastical illusions.
Terminus Cave B2F XY.png Terminus Cave A coal mine that was closed a few years ago due to rumors of a monster living deep within it.
Pokémon Village XY.png Pokémon Village Legends say a place exists where Pokémon live in hiding, but no one has ever found it.

Anime-exclusive locations

Picture Location Description
None.png Diamond Ore Country An underground country where many Carbink live in peace. There is a large diamond here called the Holy Diamond that serves as an important energy source to the ore country.
Odyssey Village.png Odyssey Village A village between Lumiose City and Santalune City that holds a Rhyhorn racing track.

Kalos League

Gym Leaders

Kalos League
Generation VI Region: Kalos
Gym Leader
Type Badge
ビオラ Viola
Santalune City
Hakudan City
Bug Bug Badge.png
Bug Badge
ザクロ Zakuro
Cyllage City
Shouyou City
Rock Cliff Badge.png
Cliff Badge
コルニ Koruni
Shalour City
Shara City
Fighting Rumble Badge.png
Rumble Badge
フクジ Fukuji
Coumarine City
Hiyoku City
Grass Plant Badge.png
Plant Badge
シトロン Citron
Lumiose City
Miare City
Electric Voltage Badge.png
Voltage Badge
マーシュ Mache
Laverre City
Kunoe City
Fairy Fairy Badge.png
Fairy Badge
ゴジカ Gojika
Anistar City
Hyakkoku City
Psychic Psychic Badge.png
Psychic Badge
ウルップ Urup
Snowbelle City
Eisetsu City
Ice Iceberg Badge.png
Iceberg Badge

Elite Four and Champion

Kalos League
Generation VI
ガンピ Ganpi
パキラ Pachira
ドラセナ Dracaena
ズミ Zumi
カルネ Carnet


  • The English names of cities and towns in Kalos are derived from various ingredients used in fragrances. Likewise, the names in the European versions are derived from various terminologies related to art.
  • Kalos has more locations to which the player can Fly than any other region, with 19.
  • Kalos ties with Hoenn for the the largest amount of towns and cities of the six main regions, at 16.
  • The word "Kalosian", as seen in Kiloude City's description, is the adjectival form of Kalos.
  • Kalos is the only main series region that does not have a department store.
  • Kalos is the only main series region that does not have a notable Ghost-type specialist at any point.

See also

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Korean 칼로스 Kalos From its Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 卡洛斯 Kāloksī Mandarin-based transliteration of its Japanese name


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