Kai (Conquest)

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カイヒメ Kaihime
Artwork with Pansear
Gender Female
Kingdom Cragspur
Specialty Fire, Rock
Default Pokémon Pansear

Kai (Japanese: カイヒメ Kaihime) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

In the games

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Warlord information

Rank I

Conquest Kai I.png Power 73
Wisdom 62
Charisma 70
Total 205
Warrior Skill Quick Strike
Capacity 5
Perfect Links
554CFS.png Darumaka

Rank II

Conquest Kai II.png Power 83
Wisdom 72
Charisma 80
Total 235
Warrior Skill Warrior Woman
Capacity 6
Perfect Links
554CFS.png Darumaka 555CFS.png Darmanitan
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 55% link with Darumaka or Darmanitan.


  • Start of turn:
    • With low health:
  • Otherwise:
"My turn!"
  • Start of battle:
    • When attacking a castle:
"This is one battle I'm going to win!"
  • When defending a castle:
"There's no way I'll lose to you!"
  • Upon forming a link:
"I linked with <Pokémon's name>! Let's hope it goes well!"
  • When she finds a Perfect Link:
"Hey, Darumaka/Darmanitan! I can't help but feel that you and I are a perfect match...Do you know what I mean? I feel as though I could grow to be a lot stronger with you around, Darumaka/Darmanitan! Let's be friends!"
  • When using her Warrior Skill:
"Right! This is going to be amazing..."
  • When the player's army has conquered 10 kingdoms:
"Nah, this isn't looking too good... I think it's about time we took down <player>'s army!"
  • When ordered to attack a castle:
"This young lady's got a lot of fight in her, you know!"
  • When transforming:
Before: "H-H-Hey! What's this weird power...?"
After: "Now I'm gonna be invincible! Yeah!"


A strong-willed girl who hates losing, she is in fact good hearted and caring toward others. Occasionally prone to fretting about her appearance.

Historical origin

Kai is based on the real-life Kaihime of Japanese history. Her father, Narita Ujinaga, was a retainer for the late Hōjō clan, of which Ujiyasu was apart of.




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