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=====Third Battle (Stark Mountain)=====
=====Third Battle (tag battle with [[Mars]])=====
color={{white color}} |
trainerimage=SpriteJupiter.png‎ |
|LV1=Lv. 58
prize=???? |
trainerclass=Commander |
|HI1=No Item
trainername=Jupiter |
games={{v2|Platinum}} |
place=Stark Mountain |
generation=4 |
numberinparty=3 |
num1=042 |
poke1=Golbat |
|LV2=Lv. 60
ability1={{a|Inner Focus}} |
gender1=♀ |
level1=58 |
move1poke1=Giga Drain |
|M2P2={{m|Poison Jab}}
move2poke1=Air Cutter |
move3poke1=Mean Look |
move4poke1=-- |
num2=435 |
poke2=Skuntank |
|LV3=Lv. 58
gender2= |
level2=60 |
|HI3=No Item
item2={{b|Sitrus}} |
|M1P3={{m|Giga Drain}}
move1poke2=Flamethrower |
|M2P3={{m|Air Cutter}}
move2poke2=Poison Jab |
|M3P3={{m|Mean Look}}
move3poke2=-- |
move4poke2=-- |
num3=437 |
poke3=Bronzong |
gender3= |
level3=58 |
move1poke3=Reflect |
move2poke3=Extrasensory |
move3poke3=-- |
move4poke3=-- |

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ジュピター Jupiter
Art from Diamond/Pearl
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Commander
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Member of Team Galactic
Rank Commander
Anime debut DP097
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Chinami Nishimura

Jupiter makes part of Team Galactic's Commander foursome.

In the anime

Jupiter appears in DP097, along with Saturn, Mars and Cyrus. They steal the Lustrous Orb and the Adamant Orb from the Celestic Town museum. She was later assigned by Cyrus to lead the capture squad for the Lake trio, along with some assistance from the Pokémon hunters. Her Japanese voice actress is 西村ちなみ Chinami Nishimura.



In the games

She is first seen at the uppermost floor of the Galactic Building in Eterna City. She is also briefly seen at Lake Acuity, where she defeats the player's rival somewhat easily. She is later battled at Spear Pillar in a double battle with Mars against the player and his or her rival. In Pokémon Platinum she and Mars quit Team Galactic because Pluto has different ideals than former boss Cyrus.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

First battle

Second battle (tag battle with Mars)

Pokémon Platinum

First battle

Second battle (tag battle with Mars)

Third Battle (tag battle with Mars)

In the manga

Pokémon Special

Jupiter has not yet appeared in Special, although both Saturn and Mars have.

Pokémon DP

Just like in the games, Jupiter was assigned to Lake Acuity to capture Uxie.




  • Jupiter's name was changed to Ceres in Spanish-language versions of the game, likely due to the fact that Jupiter is the name of a male Roman god. This also happened to Mars.
  • Her Japanese voice actress is Chinami Nishimura, who also voices Officer Jenny. Jupiter is a vilain and Jenny is a police officer. Coincidentally, both names start with a J, in both Japanese and English versions.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジュピター Jupiter From Jupiter.
English, French, German Jupiter From Jupiter.
Italian Giovia From Giove, Jupiter.
Spanish Ceres From Ceres.
Korean 주피터 Jupiter From Jupiter.

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