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Juliet (Japanese: ジュリエ Juliet) is a character of the day who appeared in Love at First Flight.

Juliet was deeply in love with Romeo and hoped to marry him as he had promised when they were children. However, Romeo did not have the courage to tell her about his feelings so she thought he didn't love her. But at the end they admitted their feelings for each other.

Soon after that they put on a show with their Volbeat and Illumise.


Juliet's Illumise
Juliet has an Illumise that she accessorized with a yellow bowtie with a red core that has a blue trim. Illumise fell in love with Romeo's Volbeat, Beat. She first appeared practising with Beat. But Romeo clumsiness got the better of him and caused them all to fall into the water. llumise almost drowned and had to be saved by Brock's Mudkip. Later, when seeing a light on the other side of Lake May, Illumise followed it but it was actually Meowth dressed up as a Volbeat. Team Rocket captured Illumise with a net. The next day the gang found Team Rocket. Jessie sent out Seviper to recapture the vulnerable Volbeat, but she used Sweet Scent to lure the Volbeat away. Pikachu sent them blasting off.

In the end, Illumise along with the rest of the gang performed perfectly for the festival.

Illumise's only known move is Sweet Scent.

Debut Love at First Flight

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 山崎和佳奈 Wakana Yamazaki
English Bella Hudson
Brazilian Portuguese Letícia Quinto
European Spanish Gloria Núñez


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