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If you were looking for the character from Pokémon Play It!, see Julie (Pokémon Play It!).

Julie (Japanese: ヨウコ Yōko) is a character of the day of the Pokémon anime who appeared in Game Winning Assist!.

After being chased by a small group of Slugma in a cave and tumbling down a hill, Ash and his friends met Julie after spotting one of her Numel. After introducing themselves, May decided to battle Julie with her newly-captured Skitty so it could gain experience.

One of Julie's Numel was an extremely dopey Pokémon. Jessie, James, and Meowth captured all of the Numel except the dopey Numel. The aforementioned Numel battled Team Rocket and during the battle, it overcame its slow speed and beat Team Rocket.

The next day Julie showed Ash and friends the way to Mt. Chimney.


Numel (multiple)
Numel (multiple)
When Julie first met Ash and his friends, she found a missing Numel of hers. She then reveals that she owns a ranch full of Numel. One of her Numel that was missing is slower than the other Numel. When the Numel were caught by Team Rocket, the dopey Numel tries to get over its speed problem with some support from May and her Skitty to escape from Team Rocket's mecha. The dopey Numel attacking caused the other ones to join in and they were able to penetrate Team Rocket's mecha thus finally escaping from it. After Team Rocket blasts off, the Numel are near some fruit trees and starts to eat the fruit.

Numel's known moves are Tackle and Flamethrower.

Debut Game Winning Assist
Julie's Furret
Furret is Julie's battling Pokémon. She used it against May's Skitty. Furret was shown to be very fast, dodging most of Skitty's attacks. During their battle, Skitty learns a new move called Assist. Despite the new move, Furret was able to defeat Skitty.

Furret's only known move is Slam.

Debut Game Winning Assist

Voice actress

Language Voice actor
Japanese 天野由梨 Yuri Amano
English Caroline Lawson
Brazilian Portuguese Adriana Pissardini
European Spanish Carmen Cervantes

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