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Jules (Japanese: ジョーズ Jaws) is a character of the day in An Epic Defense Force! and a rival of Luke. He is a movie director like Luke but also acts in his own movies. Jules approached Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Luke after Luke told what the script for the movie they were going to make was. He criticized the script for being bad. He has known Luke for a while because they have both competed in a number of festivals. Because of that, they consider themselves as rivals of each other. He has quite an arrogant attitude, especially against Luke.

Jules, like Luke, entered the Pokéstar Studios film competition. He was quite confident about the movie he made, but the prize for the best movie went to Luke, which upset Jules.


Jules's Krookodile
Krookodile is Jules's movie making partner and also stars in them. In the movie it and Jules made, Krookodile provided the role of Jules's partner in the "Unova Defense Force". Together they piloted a tank with a big laser cannon and managed to destroy the evil Mecha Tyranitar.

None of Krookodile's moves are known.

Debut An Epic Defense Force!
Voice actors
English Marc Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 皆川純子 Junko Minagawa
European Spanish Jesús Alberto Pinillos

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