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Jubilife City コトブキシティ
Kotobuki City
"City of Joy"
Jubilife City Pt.png
Jubilife City in {{{variable2}}}.
Map description
The most modernized city in the Sinnoh region. It is bustling with people on the go.
The Pokétch Company, the developer and manufacturer of the Pokétch, is located here.
Jubilife TV, Sinnoh's TV network, is located here. It is an entertaining place to visit.
The Global Terminal is located here. It is your connection to the entire world.
Located here is the Trainers' School. Drop in to study up on the basics of Pokémon.
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Jubilife City
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File:Jubilife City.png
Location of Jubilife City in Sinnoh.

Jubilife City (Japanese: コトブキシティ Kotobuki City) is a city in the region of Sinnoh. The entire city is built on land carved out of a mountain by the residents of neighboring Oreburgh City. Jubilife is the most modernized city in the region, and according to the anime, the largest city in Sinnoh. It is the sixth largest city in the Pokémon world. The city can be accessed from all four directions, with a gate occupying the west entrance.

There are many distinctive buildings in Jubilife City, including the TV station, where Mystery Gift can be activated, the Pokétch Company, the Trainers' School, and one of the most important establishments in the game, the Global Trade Station, which allows players to trade Pokémon with anyone across the entire world.

Places of interest

Jubilife TV

Main article: Jubilife TV

Jubilife TV
The Fun-and-Games TV Station!

The Jubilife TV station is a noticeable big, white and cube-shaped building located in the northern section of the city. A Pokétch campaign Clown blocks the main doors until the player defeats the Galactic Grunts at the north end of the city; this event happens upon returning from Oreburgh City with the Coal Badge.

Inside the building, the Jubilife TV station is home to the Pokémon Lottery Corner. In Diamond and Pearl, a Trainer also appears in the lobby and can be fought once a day, depending on the current day of the week. On the second floor, Trainers can dress up their Pokémon using their Accessories. On the third floor, players can see various rankings set by those they have mixed records with. Additionally, a man on the third floor allows the player to activate Mystery Gift.

A man standing outside the TV station will give the player the option to form a group. By mixing records with other players, a player is allowed to join any group of which their friend is a member, upon speaking with the man again.

Global Trade Station / Global Terminal

Main article: Global Terminal

The Global Trade Station is located in the southwestern section of the city. Within the building, players have the opportunity to trade Pokémon with other players around the world. In order to access the GTS, the player must have the Coal Badge.

Inside, there is a large globe, called Geonet, on which players can indicate their location, and on which small dots representing players they have traded with will appear. If the player talks with the woman at the counter, she will direct him or her into a room in which they can either put up a Pokémon to be traded or trade a Pokémon they own for one that has been put up for trade. Pokémon searches, after being confined to one species that has been seen by the player, can be further narrowed down to level and gender of the Pokémon available. By level, players can search for and request Pokémon level 9 and under, level 10 and up, level 20 and up, and so on to level 100, or they can search for Pokémon of any level. Gender is similar, with the player being able to search for male, female, or either gender of the selected Pokémon. Pokémon offerings are similarly governed, as the requested Pokémon in return cannot be any Pokémon that the player has not seen. Unfortunately, Pokémon that are offered cannot be bargained, as the player has to choose one Pokémon he or she wants for it, instead of having a more flexible list.

In Pokémon Platinum, the GTS has been redesigned to be larger and contain more features. It is located in the same place as the older GTS, in Jubilife City, with its name changed to the Global Terminal. One addition is a woman who gives away a random Backdrop daily, rather than initially winning them in the daily lottery. Other than the regular trading feature, there is a new feature where players may exchange Pokémon with another friend. The Global Terminal is apparently a computer-like machine which the player operates. The Vs. Recorder, also introduced in Pokémon Platinum, has the ability to record and replay battles made in-game. A player may send and receive battles over Nintendo Wi-Fi using the Global Station. These battles can also be ranked by popularity and be watched by people on Wi-Fi. In addition, players can take pictures of their PC storage boxes and send them over Wi-Fi to friends. The GTS has incorporated an e-mail system that allows players to be notified of completed trades. The notification messages are sent to the player's actual e-mail address, and so the messages can be viewed either on a PC, mobile phone or a Wii console. In this way, the player will be spared of having to return to the GTS only to find that a trade has not yet been completed.

Pokétch Company

Main article: Pokétch Company

The Pokétch Company
Pokémon Watches for the World!

The Pokétch Company's headquarters is located in the northwestern section of the city. The Pokétch Company is a family-owned company, and the manufacturer of the Pokétch. It is relatively small, unlike Silph Co. or the Devon Corporation, and actually started as a hobby of the owner, who made what he liked before the business grew to its present state. The building has three floors, in which the family of the president of the company reside in. The president holds a promotion to receive a free Pokétch in Jubilife City, if three clowns with Pokémon trivia questions can be found, and coupons collected from each. He will also give new Pokétch applications out to the player.

Trainers' School

Main article: Trainers' School

Trainers' School
The First Step for Trainers!

The Trainers' School is located in the center of the city, west of the Pokémon Center. The School features tutorials on how to raise Pokémon. There are two adjoined rooms in the School. The kids on the left room have some basic information about the game of Pokémon. On the table is a notebook with notes on Trainers written inside. Status ailments and their effects are listed on the chalkboard at the back. In the room on the right, there are two School Kids on a blue carpet who will ask the player to battle. There is a version-dependent reward for defeating them both. If the School Kids inside are defeated, they hand out TM10 (Hidden Power) on Diamond and Pearl, or a Potion on Platinum.

On the player's first visit to the School, their rival is situated at the back of the room, reading the chalkboard. Upon talking to the rival, the player will deliver the Parcel entrusted to them by the rival's mother back in Twinleaf Town. Two Town Maps are found inside the Parcel, and the rival will give the player one.

Jubilife Condominiums

Jubilife Condominiums
Tenants Wanted!

Jubilife Condominiums is located in the northeastern section of the city. The building has two floors. On the ground floor, an old lady says how fetching a Pokétch is, and the young girl with a Pachirisu and Pikachu gives the player a Quick Claw. On the second floor, a girl tells about the advantage of Heal Balls and the guy in Bug Catcher apparel lectures on new moves. This floor is an educational one for new Trainers.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Jubilife City in Diamond and Pearl

The population is 87, making it one of the largest cities in the Pokémon world and the second biggest in Sinnoh.

Pokémon Platinum

The population is 124, making it fourth largest city in the Pokémon world and the biggest in Sinnoh. The reason for such dramatic increase from Diamond and Pearl is the expansion of the Global Trade Station to the Global Terminal.

Poké Mart

Lower cashier
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Pokémon Dollar200
Great Ball Great Ball*
Pokémon Dollar600
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball*
Pokémon Dollar1200
Potion Potion
Pokémon Dollar300
Super Potion Super Potion*
Pokémon Dollar700
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion*
Pokémon Dollar1200
Max Potion Max Potion*
Pokémon Dollar2500
Full Restore Full Restore*
Pokémon Dollar3000
Revive Revive*
Pokémon Dollar1500
Antidote Antidote
Pokémon Dollar100
Parlyz Heal Parlyz Heal
Pokémon Dollar200
Awakening Awakening*
Pokémon Dollar250
Burn Heal Burn Heal*
Pokémon Dollar250
Ice Heal Ice Heal*
Pokémon Dollar250
Full Heal Full Heal*
Pokémon Dollar600
Escape Rope Escape Rope*
Pokémon Dollar550
Repel Repel*
Pokémon Dollar350
Super Repel Super Repel*
Pokémon Dollar500
Max Repel Max Repel*
Pokémon Dollar700

Upper cashier
Air Mail Air Mail
Pokémon Dollar50
Heal Ball Heal Ball
Pokémon Dollar300


Item Location Games

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There is one battle in the streets of Jubilife itself: a Double Battle against two Galactic Grunts. It is fought alongside the other protagonist (Dawn/Lucas), who is there on business with Professor Rowan. Upon defeating them, a worker for Jubilife TV gives the player the Fashion Case, and the TV building is thereafter accessible.

Diamond and Pearl

Trainer Pokémon
Galactic Grunt
Galactic Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png720
(w. Galactic Grunt)
041 Zubat Lv.9
No item
Galactic Grunt
Galactic Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png720
(w. Galactic Grunt)
265 Wurmple Lv.9
No item
Trainers with a Vs. Seeker by their names, when alerted for a rematch using the item, may use higher-level Pokémon.


Trainer Pokémon
Galactic Grunt
Galactic Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png880
(w. Galactic Grunt)
434 Stunky Lv.11
No item
Galactic Grunt
Galactic Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png880
(w. Galactic Grunt)
431 Glameow Lv.11
No item
Trainers with a Vs. Seeker by their names, when alerted for a rematch using the item, may use higher-level Pokémon.

In the anime

Jubilife City as seen in the anime
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In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Jubilife City the setting of Stagestruck Starly and A Bevy of Bidoof.


  • Jubilife's Japanese town motto is ひとがつどう しあわせのまち.
  • During the battle with Team Galactic, a grunt mentions that he will "cause massive damage" to the professor's assistant, whether they are Dawn or Lucas.
  • Jubilife City is the site in which successful tweaking can result in a walkable abyss leading to possibly Darkrai or Shaymin without the need of the events.
  • Jubilife City is the only major city in Sinnoh that doesn't have a Gym.
    • In every other region of the main series games, the first city the player visits contains a Gym. Jubilife is the only city to not follow this trend.
  • A building south of the Global Trade Station/Global Terminal contains two NPCs whose names are "Wi" and "Fi", a direct reference to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Jubilife City is based on Sapporo, Hokkaidō, a major city in that prefecture. Both are large cities in about the same place when Hokkaidō and Sinnoh are compared.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese コトブキシティ Kotobuki City 寿 (kotobuki) is a Japanese expression similar to "Long life!" or "Congratulations!".
English Jubilife City From jubilant and life.
French Féli-Cité From félicité, felicity, and cité, city.
German Jubelstadt From Jubel, joy, and Stadt, city.
Italian Giubilopoli From giubilo, jubilation, and the suffix -poli, meaning city.
Spanish Ciudad Jubileo
Ciudad Júbilo*
Jubileo means jubilee.
Júbilo means joy.
Korean 축복시티 Chookbok City 축복 (祝福) chookbok means "blessings".
Chinese (Mandarin) 祝慶市/祝庆市 Zhùqìng Shì Derived from 慶祝 qìngzhù (to celebrate). Literally means "Celebration city".
Chinese (Cantonese) 祝慶市 Jukhing Si Same as Mandarin name.

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