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Joyful Game Corner Unknown
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Joyful Game Corner.png
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Location: Two Island
Region: Sevii Islands
Generations: III
Sevii Islands Two Island Map.png
Location of Joyful Game Corner in Sevii Islands.
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The Joyful Game Corner is a newly opened building on Boon Island in the Sevii Islands. It is owned by Lostelle's father, and it can be played after the events at Kin Island. This is where players from FireRed and LeafGreen can play multiplayer mini-games over the wireless communication system. Players from Emerald can connect to FireRed and LeafGreen and play the mini-games via a Game Corner in Mossdeep City. Up to five players from FireRed and LeafGreen and Emerald can play. The Joyful Game Corner was not available in Ruby and Sapphire as they were created before the integration of the Wireless Adapter into Generation III.


There are two games that can be played at the Joyful Game Corner: Pokémon Jump and Dodrio Berry Picking. In Pokémon Jump, the player uses their Pokémon to jump rope while trying to keep in sync with other players' Pokémon. In Dodrio Berry Picking, the player uses a Dodrio to catch falling Berries from a tree. In order to get one of the Trainer stars, a player must score 2000 points on each mini-game.

Pokémon Jump

Pokémon Jump artwork
Main article: Pokémon Jump

Pokémon Jump is a mini-game that is similar to jump rope, in which a player's Pokémon must jump a Venusaur's Vine Whip and earn points. The player controls one of their Pokémon to jump at a certain time. There is a time limit, where the player must score the most points to win. The mini-game is restricted to Pokémon that are 28 inches (0.7m) or less and are capable of jumping.

Dodrio Berry Picking

Dodrio Berry Picking
Main article: Dodrio Berry Picking

Dodrio Berry Picking is a mini-game where three to five Dodrio line up and try to collect as many Berries as possible before time runs out. The object is to use the left, right, and up buttons on the D-pad to make each of Dodrio's heads catch the falling Berries. Players must try to catch as many purple Berries and as few green Berries as possible. Playing the game requires between three and five players, all of whom must have a Dodrio in their party.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

While the Joyful Game Corner itself does not appear in this series, the games playable in it appear in the form of the Path of Skipping and the Path of Catching where Kimberly forces Red and Blue to do these games in order for them to inherit her ultimate moves Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant.


  • There is a mini-game in Pokémon Stadium 2 that is similar to the Dodrio Berry Picking mini-game, known as Egg Emergency.

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