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Join Avenue ジョインアベニュー
Join Avenue
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description: A big avenue that keeps developing as you communicate with more people.
Location: Between Route 4 and Nimbasa City
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Join Avenue Map.png
Location of Join Avenue in Unova.
Pokémon world locations
The entrance to Join Avenue in Black 2

Join Avenue (Japanese: ジョインアベニュー Join Avenue) is a building located between Route 4 and Nimbasa City, replacing the gate that was previously here.

Initially, Join Avenue is simply a long and empty building. However, if the game has connected with another player, then that player's avatar will appear in the former's Join Avenue. Fans of the first player will also appear in Join Avenue every day. People who are in Join Avenue can open or be shown a shop. Similarly to the streets of Castelia City, many exclamations can be seen on the screen in Join Avenue.

Join Avenue
An avenue that grows as you deepen
exchanges with other people.

Attracting customers

To get more "real players" to visit Join Avenue, the player can do the following:

  • By getting people on the C-Gear's Tag Log
  • By doing link trades and battles
  • By having a person leave a footprint at the player's Dream World house
  • By having Dream Pals (not 100% true)
  • By doing Wi-Fi Battles and GTS trading, either normally or over Negotiations

NPCs will also visit the player's Join Avenue daily, and as Join Avenue grows in rank, more NPCs will appear at a time. However, NPCs shown around the shops will not earn a shop as many popularity points as real players.


When the player get their Join Avenue's rank high enough, the owner (a Clerk♂) will award the player a helper. This is a list of the list of helpers that the player can get:

  • an Ace Trainer♂ that will let the player choose which shop the player can open. More shop choices are available as Join Avenue's rank goes up. (Rank 1)
  • an Ace Trainer♀ measures the player's rank as well as changing their catchphrase, greeting and thankful message. She can also change shop/helper positions. (Rank 1)
  • a NPC (wearing a tux and shades) that can tell the history of the friends of the player's friends. (Rank 2)
  • a Scientist♂ that can act as a PC, being able to change the player's Pokémon's positions. Later on, he can also change the color and shape of Join Avenue's ceiling. (Rank 4)
  • a Nurse that can heal the player's Pokemon. (Rank 6)

When the owner comes when the player reaches Rank 8, the player can recruit friends/NPC's to become helpers, replacing a helper. The player can only have a maximum of 4 helpers.

When the player reaches to Rank 10, the owner will allow the player to rename their avenue from the default name (Join Avenue) to any sort of name (e.g. Pete's Mall or Mary's Marketplace, etc.) The avenue name has the same restrictions as Pokémon nicknames.


Raffle Shop

"I would want to make everyone excited."

Once per day, the player can win a random prize from the raffle. Unlike other shops, the Raffle Shop's merchandise pool doesn't increase as it levels. Instead, the player's chance of getting a top prize is increased.

Raffle Shop prizes

Beauty Salon

"I would want to make people's Pokémon more beautiful."

Offers haircuts and other services to increase a Pokémon's friendliness.


"I would want to train people's Pokémon and make them strong."

Can increase a Pokémon's stats or level up a Pokémon.


"I would want to collect a lot of things and surprise everyone."

Sells various items, such as large batches of items at a discount and items not sold in regular marts.

Flower Shop

"I would want to help everyone relax with beautiful flowers."

Sells Berries and Mulch.

Antique Shop

"I would want to collect unique items and surprise everyone."

Chunks of sand or containers that contain items are sold and appraised, with the possibility of getting a rare item.


"I would want to make delicious meals for Pokémon and make them happy."

Offers meals that raise a Pokémon's level, stats, or friendliness.


Provides services to speed the hatching of Eggs.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Galerie Concorde
Germany Flag.png German Einklangspassage
Italy Flag.png Italian Galleria Solidarietà
South Korea Flag.png Korean 조인애버뉴 Join Avenue
Spain Flag.png Spanish Galería Unión

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