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tmname=Joe |
tmname=Joe |
image=Ranger Joel.png |
image=Ranger Joel.png |
size=150px |
size=135px |
caption=Art from Pokémon Ranger |
caption=Art from Pokémon Ranger |
hometown=Unknown |
hometown=Unknown |

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ジョウ Joe
Ranger Joel.png
Art from Pokémon Ranger
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Joel (Japanese: ジョウ Joe) is the leader of the Fall City Ranger base. He and Spenser were once fierce rivals, but they now share a close bond. His partner is his Dodrio, that he uses to speed across Fiore.

Joel holds the initial high score of the Grassland Capture Challenge.





Language Name Origin
Japanese ジョウ Joe
English Joel
French Lucas
German Joel
Italian Savino
Spanish Julio

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