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ケンタ Kenta
Gender Male
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Ethan
Anime debut The Legend of Thunder!
English voice actor Sean Schemmel
Japanese voice actor Kenji Nojima
Manga counterpart(s) Gold

Jimmy (Japanese: ケンタ Kenta) is the main protagonist of The Legend of Thunder!. His starter Pokémon was Cyndaquil, received from Professor Elm of New Bark Town at the same time as Vincent and Marina.


Jimmy has an energetic personality both during battles and outside of them. He has a habit of saying "You rock and you rule!" ("OK! Perfect!" in the original) to his Pokémon and giving them a thumbs-up after winning a battle. He can be quick to jump to conclusions but also knows when to be serious and get a job done.

Jimmy is similar in many ways to Ash. He also cares for Pokémon very much. This can be seen in his concern for Raikou when it was injured. He is also determined and never gives up in battle. Like Ash, he is also close to his starter Pokémon, which is now a Typhlosion. He has a battle style that focuses on offense. As such, his Pokémon are trained to take attacks and still keep fighting.

His main goal was to become a strong Pokémon Trainer so that he could protect the kids in New Bark Town, his home town. He also has a crush on Marina which appears to be mutual. Both of them participated in the Silver Conference a full year before Vincent did.


This is a listing of Jimmy's known Pokémon:

Jimmy's Typhlosion
Main article: Jimmy's Typhlosion

Typhlosion was Jimmy's starter Pokémon, given to him as a Cyndaquil by Professor Elm. He obtained it on the same day that Vincent got his Chikorita and Marina got her Totodile. Jimmy and Typhlosion are very close to each other.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
Japanese Susumu Chiba
English Susumu Chiba
Jimmy's Beedrill
Jimmy had Beedrill as a Weedle early on, even before he started his Pokémon journey. It had already evolved twice before The Legend of Thunder!. He used it in a battle against Marina's Jigglypuff, Little Pink, in which Beedrill won. Jimmy relies on Beedrill's speed during battles and flight situations where it proves itself very useful.

Beedrill's known moves are Agility, Twineedle and Pin Missile.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English Shin'ichirō Miki

Jimmy also has at least four other Pokémon, as he was seen with six Poké Balls during The Legend of Thunder, two of which contained Typhlosion and Beedrill.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 野島健児 Kenji Nojima
English Sean Schemmel
Brazilian Portuguese Rodrigo Andreatto
European Spanish David Robles


  • Much like Ash is based on Red, Jimmy is based on Ethan. However, a separate character made a cameo in the beginning of Zoroark: Master of Illusions, battling against Ash with a Donphan. Unlike Jimmy, that character wears Ethan's updated clothes from HeartGold s and SoulSilver s, and is indeed referred to as "Hibiki" (Ethan's Japanese name) in the art gallery feature of the Japanese DVD.
  • When Vincent appeared in the Silver Conference (known then as Jackson in the dub), Marina and Jimmy were referred to "Dani and Yoshi" respectively, leading many to believe that "Yoshi" was the official English name for Jimmy, and "Dani" was the official English name for Marina. Whether this was the original intention remains unknown. However, in The Legend of Thunder!, they're identified as Jimmy and Marina.
  • Jimmy's English name may come directly from Gold s and Silver s. There is a minor Trainer named "Kenta" in the Japanese version whose name was localized as "Jimmy" in the English translation - a Youngster on Route 3 with a Raticate and Arbok. The dubbers may have mistaken this character for an unrelated anime character. The same thing happened to Vincent.
  • Jimmy is the only anime character based on a player character who has met the anime counterpart to his counterpart's female counterpart, as he is good friends with Kris's counterpart, Marina.
  • A similarly named character shares Brazilian voice actors with Jimmy.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese ケンタ Kenta
English Jimmy
Chinese (Mandarin) 健太 Jiàntài From 健太 Kenta. Can mean "extremely healthy."

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