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Jimmy (Japanese: ジミー Jimmy) is a character of the day who appeared in Judgment Day!. He is a Trainer from Kanto training to become a Referee.

Jimmy was a poor Trainer, and often felt he had bad luck, even though he actually had all the opposite. Jimmy has only one Badge, the Cascade Badge: but he didn't have to battle for it. Jimmy earned the Badge by simply helping Daisy clean the Gym. He also came across a Shiny Magikarp without much trouble at all, although he didn't realize how rare the Shiny Pokémon was, and was ready to trade it away without hesitation.

While Jimmy and his Pokémon were sleeping in a small fishing boat, the rope that was tying the boat to the dock became undone and the boat floated away into the ocean. Quite by accident, they found themselves on an island where Trainers were learning about refereeing.

As a referee, Jimmy is shown to be quite indecisive. After defeating Team Rocket who had attempted to steal his Pokémon, he decides to revert to his original goal of becoming a Trainer, and return to Lilycove City.


On hand

Jimmy's Wartortle

Jimmy's Blastoise
Wartortle → Blastoise
Jimmy's Blastoise first appeared in this episode as a Wartortle. Blastoise, along with Ivysaur and Charmeleon, helped Jimmy in his jobs at the Pokémon Battle Judges School. As a Wartortle, it traveled with Jimmy on his Pokémon journey. It evolved into Blastoise after being captured by Team Rocket and seeing Jimmy being beaten up by them. With its new power, it easily defeated Team Rocket and sent them blasting off into the sky.

Blastoise's only known move is Hydro Pump.

Debut Judgment Day
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Jimmy's Ivysaur
Jimmy's Ivysaur was first seen carrying a box and helping Jimmy in his works at the Pokémon Battle Judges School. Jimmy first encountered Ivysaur in a forest after it ate the only snack that Jimmy and his Wartortle had left. Ivysaur felt bad and decided to aid them in searching for food. Later on, Ivysaur decided to join Jimmy on his Pokémon journey.

Ivysaur's known moves are Vine Whip and Razor Leaf.

Debut Judgment Day
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Jimmy's Charmeleon
Charmeleon is one of the three Pokémon that is owned by Jimmy. Jimmy obtained Charmeleon when he accepted it from a trade with a Magikarp fanatic for a Shiny Magikarp that he accidentally possessed.

Charmeleon's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Judgment Day
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Traded away

Jimmy's Magikarp File:ShinyBWStar.png
Magikarp File:ShinyBWStar.png
As he told Ash and his friends through flashback in Judgment Day!, Jimmy reeled in and caught a Shiny Magikarp. Soon enough the Magikarp salesman offered to trade his Charmeleon for the Magikarp, a trade Jimmy accepted.
Debut Judgment Day!

Badges obtained

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石井真 Makoto Ishii
English Darren Dunstan
Brazilian Portuguese Rodrigo Andreatto
European Spanish Álex Saudinós


  • Rodrigo Andreatto, Jimmy's Brazilian Portuguese voice actor, voiced another character named Jimmy from Johto.

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