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ぷりり Puriri
Poké Ball
Jiggly providing support for Blasty
Debuts in Tauros the Tyrant
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Breaking the Restraint
Gender Female
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Lax
Current location With Green
Jigglypuff Wigglytuff
This Pokémon spent 272 rounds as Jigglypuff.

Jiggly (Japanese: ぷりり Puriri) is the first Pokémon that Green owned in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


As she is among the first five Pokémon that Green has been seen to own, and later was revealed to be the first she ever acquired, she is a fairly strong battler, but is more often seen transporting Blue around by inflating herself, as before the Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter, Green was intensely afraid of birds. Additionally, her ability to swell like hot air balloons came in handy during Green's escape with Silver when she pretended to be a wall the two hid in as though it was a dead end.

As a Jigglypuff

Jiggly, as Jigglypuff, first appeared in Tauros the Tyrant carrying Green and Red away from a group of Team Rocket Grunts who had come to retrieve the disc on the phantom Pokémon, Mew, which she stole from them earlier. After neither side succeeded in capturing Mew, and it had seemed Green had come to her senses and handed Red the Badges she stole, she was seen again taking flight for her as she said goodbye. However, as it turned out, the tricky girl had deceived Red again and given him fake copies, which she wouldn't reveal until the Silph Co. incident.

During said incident, she hid Jiggly and Clefy (then still a Clefairy) on her chest to open them after nudging Sabrina into having her Kadabra Slash her by angering her (and then proceeding to use Sing alongside Clefairy's Growl), knowing she couldn't possibly beat the battling expert on her own. The plan was a success, and the illusion the sadistic Psychic expert cast upon her was broken, allowing her to snatch her Marsh Badge.

During the ensuing fight against "Dr. O" in the semifinals of the Pokémon League, Jiggly was the first Pokémon sent out against his Spearow, where Green conceitedly pronounced her "win" after hitting it with a Tri Attack, but it would strike right back with a Fury Attack. In retaliation, Green used a Sing attack, but the bird Pokémon was simply too high up for her to reach, and would deftly avoid the Tri-Attacks Jiggly used. Green then switched to Blasty and used an aerial Hydro Pump, but eventually lost to Spearow's Mirror Move. Afterwards, Oak questioned her for her theft of the former Squirtle, and after accepting her apology, handed her the third copy of the Pokédex. With Green out of the tournament, this would be the last of Jiggly's appearances in this arc.

In the Yellow chapter, Jiggly would have few important appearances, mostly being seen transporting Green around, again. Additionally, for faster travel, Blasty's water cannons were used more since the last arc, limiting Jiggly's screentime even more. Still, outside of battle, Jiggly was Blue's main method of transport, last seen as she, Yellow, and Bill were on their way to Cerise Island, where Horsea's SmokeScreen was used in conjunction for camouflage.

As Green had secretly obtained the three legendary birds, Jiggly wasn't needed as much for aerial transport, and even Blasty was loaned to Red for the time being. However, she does make an appearance among the Pokémon being used for flight by the main characters in the cover of Volume 14.

With Blasty returned, and the location of the legendary birds unknown (possibly even released), Jiggly would be seen for flight quite often again, and unlike in previous chapters, Green would often take out all her party Pokémon in key scenes, allowing Jiggly to be seen quite often again. After flying her to Red to give him encouragement and declare Green would fight to protect her parents, Jiggly's hot air balloon-like abilities came in handy in Trainer Tower battle against Deoxys's clones, though she was unable to save two of the old-model Pokédexes from being destroyed (but luckily, they had their data transferred to the National models first).

Then, to free Mewtwo from its M2 Bind, Saur, Blue's Charizard (traded to Red for his Venusaur), and Blasty would use their most powerful elemental attacks at once, and to ensure maximum power, Green evolved Jiggly to Wigglytuff alongside Nidory and Snubbull, who became Nidoqueen and Granbull respectively, allowing them to provide greater support for the turtle's Hydro Cannon. They then teamed up to corner the remnants of Deoxys' clones, but haven't been seen since.

Moves used

Jiggly Sing.png
Using Sing
as a Jigglypuff
Move First Used In
Sing A Little Kadabra'll Do It
Tri Attack Just a Spearow Carrier
Disable Just a Spearow Carrier
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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