Jewel of Life

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Damos holding the Jewel of Life

Jewel of Life (Japanese: 命の宝玉 Jewel of Life) is an artifact that was the central focus in Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

In ancient times, Arceus was rescued by Damos after suffering critical injuries by protecting the world from a meteor's impact. In gratitude, Arceus created the Jewel of Life out of its Water, Grass, Ground, Electricity and Dragon plates and gave it to Damos to make the desolate land of Michina Town rich and fertile. Arceus stated that the Jewel of Life does not break due to the fact that it is composed of its plates.

Damos was to return the Jewel to Arceus on the day of the solar eclipse but due to being controlled by Marcus, he betrayed Arceus and did not return the Jewel. It remained in Marcus's staff for many years until it was discovered by Jessie, James and Meowth. However due to Ash and co. changing the past and returning the Jewel to Arceus, it soon vanished in the future.