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ムサシ Musashi
Art from the TCG
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Red*, Purple*
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Relatives Miyamoto (mother)
Trainer class Agent, Coordinator
Generation I
Games Yellow
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Agent
Partner James
Anime debut Pokémon Emergency!
English voice actor Rachael Lillis (4Kids)
Michele Knotz (PUSA/TPCi)
Japanese voice actor Megumi Hayashibara
Akiko Hiramatsu (temp.)

Jessie (Japanese: ムサシ Musashi) is one member of of the Team Rocket trio also consisting of James and Meowth, that follows around Ash and friends in the Pokémon anime, usually trying to steal Ash's Pikachu, but always failing.

In the anime



Jessie's mother, Miyamoto, was a high-ranking Team Rocket agent. When Jessie was around the age of three, Miyamoto left on a mission to the Andes to record the voice of the elusive Pokémon Mew. However, after Miyamoto disappeared, Jessie was put into a foster home which had very little money. There were times when she had no choice but to eat snow because of a lack of more nourishing food.

When she was old enough, she left home to become a Pokémon nurse in Johto. However, the school she was enrolled in was literally for Pokémon nurses (i.e. Chansey), so she failed to graduate and left, leaving behind a Chansey she had befriended there. In the episode Ignorance is Blissey, Jessie was reunited with that same Chansey, which had since evolved into a Blissey. It is assumed that she then traveled back to Kanto, where she enrolled in Pokémon Tech, a Trainer's school, she met James, and subsequently failed and dropped out. After this, Jessie and James joined a bicycle gang in Sunny Town, where Jessie was known for swinging a chain above her head as she rode her bike, acquiring the nickname "Chainer Jess".

Due to conflicts in canon between Kanto and Johto episodes and the special episode Training Daze, what happened between Jessie and James after the bike gang is unknown. What is known, as shown in the special episode, is that they joined Team Rocket separately and were on initially unfriendly terms after being grouped with Meowth but they quickly made up and became good friends.

Jessie after beating up her Seviper for biting off her hair

Sometime before joining Team Rocket, and it is not known when, Jessie obtained a Contest Pass in the Hoenn region. Also during the years before Team Rocket, she had several boyfriends, all of whom left her and/or treated her badly. In Xatu the Future, she revealed that she had once worked at a T.V. station as the weathergirl. In From Cradle to Save, it was revealed that she once was a ninja. In Crossing Paths, it was revealed that she had a crush on a boy she had gone to school with named Astin, who has a current-day counterpart with a similar name.

She has a long-standing bitter rivalry with Cassidy, another member of Team Rocket. And Team Rocket member Wendy held a grudge against Jessie for failing to pay for a drink (making Wendy pay), but got her revenge when she added the charge to Jessie's overall Team Rocket bill.

Jessie seems to have a special preference for snake-like Pokémon, owning both an Arbok and a Seviper. In The Ninja Poké Showdown, she expressed a preference for Template:Type2 Pokémon in general.

Jessie spitting fire

It is revealed in Holy Matrimony! that Jessie is almost identical in appearance to James's fiancée, Jessiebelle, with the two of them having virtually identical faces and the only noticeable physical differences between them being eye color, hairstyle, and slightly different hair colors. Meowth in particular takes notice of this and frequently reminds Jessie of the fact throughout the episode, something she takes strong offense to due to Jessiebelle's reprehensible personality. Interestingly enough by the time the subject of Jessiebelle is breached again in Two Degrees of Separation! she seems to have forgotten about her doppelganger and needs Meowth to remind her of who she is. The resemblance between the two was further explored in DP153 when she disguised herself as Jessiebelle in order to grant herself, James, and Meowth, entrance into one of James's family mansions without James having to do so himself.

Jessie and James's first apperance in Pokémon Emergency!

Jessie is also known to be very vain and is also prone to explosive anger. She values her appearance, and she can get furious when her face or hair is damaged, such as in The Tower of Terror, Don't Touch That 'dile! and A Tail with a Twist. When this happens, she may do things like beat up a Pokémon such as Meowth or her Seviper. Furthermore, Jessie goes into a violent outrage whenever someone insults her beauty by calling her old, such as the episode The Battling Eevee Brothers when Misty calls Jessie an "old hag" (Japanese: oba-san). She spat fire in extreme anger after Misty called her that name in that episode. She is also angered (compared to her companions, who are usually depressed when they fail at something) when missions are either failed or botched, which is a regular thing. This anger was intensely demonstrated in the Indigo League, Orange Islands and part of the Johto League story arcs. However, her anger tantrums started to become less intense over the next two story arcs. It should be noted that her short temper, while it has always been a part of her character, tended to appear far more intense in the dub than in the original, which is a contrast of Lillis's vocal performance to Hayashibara's.

As Jessebella

Starting in Hoenn, Jessie became a Pokémon Coordinator, entering every contest that she could. She frequently made it to the battle round, but usually lost there. However, in Borrowing on Bad Faith, she finally succeeded in winning an (unofficial) contest by using Ash's Aipom, which she had saved earlier in the episode. And, in Team Shocker!, she won an official contest with her Dustox at Solaceon Town. Later in Shield with a Twist, she won a ribbon with help of her Yanmega. She has Contest Passes to compete in the Hoenn, Kanto, and Sinnoh regions.

In the Kanto contests, Jessie disguised herself as Jessebella (Japanese: ムサぴょん Musa-pyon) wearing a red dress and glasses. Eventually, Ash, Brock, Max and May found out her true identity in the last contest.

Jessie disguised as Jessalina

During the Kanto Grand Festival, Jessie dressed up as Jessadia (Japanese: プリティ・ムサリン Pretty Musalin) and wore glasses, long white socks, a yellow and orange dress, and had her hair in pigtails. She worked there as an announcer and Lilian Meridian's assistant; Lilian herself said she did not really like "Jessadia"'s style, but recognized her talent.

As Jessadia

In Sinnoh Super Contests, Jessie disguised herself as Jessalina (Japanese: キャンディ・ムサリーナ Candy Musalina), using big glasses and an orange dress. She was notable for the fact that, in the appeals round of a contest, Jessie tended to use her Pokémon to show herself off, rather than showing them off. In the Latin American dub, she entered Super Contests under the name Jessiebella (referencing Jessiebelle again).

In Pruning a Passel of Pals! and Strategy With a Smile! she once again used her Jessadia disguise to report on the Wallace Cup.

Although Jessie entered mostly every contest in Hoenn and Kanto, she lost in all of them, whether it was the first match of the Battle Rounds or the finals. However, in the Sinnoh region, so far she has won two ribbons herself using her Dustox and Yanmega, and obtained a third ribbon after James won a contest in her place.

She's also used other aliases to disguise herself under, such as Jessilinda during her time at the Pokémon Summer Academy and Jessilynlyn while competing in the Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament. Against Marilyn in Battling a Cute Drama!, she used the alias Jessirilyn.


Jessie and James and the Pokémon they traveled with in Hoenn

As with the standards set by the Team Rocket organization, Jessie initially started off with mainly Template:Type2s. However, as the anime continued onward, her team has diversified. However, she is still strongly associated with Poison-type serpentine Pokémon, such as Arbok and Seviper. Most of her other Pokémon tend to be unusual in appearance and don't usually fit the general image of "cute". However, she does display a desire to obtain Pokémon that are considered "adorable" when the opportunity presents itself, especially feminine Pokémon such as Happiny or Smoochum. Her attraction towards Smoochum is actually shown in several episodes, such as Three Jynx and a Baby and Battling the Enemy Within!. She was also attracted to a Weavile in Duels of the Jungle!. Occasionally, she manages to take control of some powerful Pokémon, but due to either inexperience or hubris, this often backfires and loses control of them. She doesn't appear to train her Pokémon that often. Instead, they are often used to fight against Ash and his friends. When she enters contests, she tends to involve herself in her Pokémon's appeals. She is also very fond of Dratini, as evidenced in EP035 and Fangs For Nothin!.

On hand

Wobbuffet pop out.png
Jessie Seviper.png
Yanma → Yanmega


Ekans → Arbok
Wurmple → Cascoon → Dustox

Traded away



Mime Jr.
Harley Banette.png



Status unknown


Ribbons obtained

Jessie holding her Tonarino Ribbon.


Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 林原めぐみ Megumi Hayashibara
平松晶子 Akiko Hiramatsu (AG085-AG092)
English Rachel Lillis (4Kids dub; EP002-AG145)
Michele Knotz (PUSA/TPCi dub; The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, AG146-current)
Arabic فاطمة سعد Fatima Sa'ad
Catalan Marina Vinyals
Czech Dana Černá (EP001-EP209), movies 1, 2 and 3
Eva Spoustová (DP001-present), movie 11)
Radka Přibyslavská (movie 4)
Danish Ann Hjort
Dutch Hilde de Mildt (EP001-present, movies 1-3, 8-present)
Unknown Voice Actor (movies 4-7)
Filipino Charmaine Cordoviz
French Canada Christine Séguin
Europe Catherine Conet
German Scarlet Lubowski
Hebrew מאיה בר שלום Maya Bar Shalom
Italian Emanuela Pacotto
Polish Dorota Lanton (EP002-AG040, movies 1, 2, 3, Mewtwo Returns)
Izabela Dąbrowska (DP001-present, movie 11)
Portuguese Brazil Isabel Cristina de Sá
Portugal Teresa Madruga (EP002-EP041, EP117-EP131, movies 1 and 2
Sandra de Castro (EP042-EP116, EP263-AG092)
Dora Cruz (EP132-EP209)
Raquel Ferreira (EP210-EP262, AG093-AG189, DP001-present)
Bárbara Lourenço (SS003 and SS012)
Rita Fernandes (AG190-AG192)
Carmen Santos (movies 3 and 4)
Spanish Latin America Diana Pérez
Elena Rámirez (EP159-EP167, EP169, EP192-EP205, EP230-EP233, EP274-AG017, AG033-AG034, AG093-AG100, one scene of AG133)
Mayra Arellano (young, AG156)
Spain Amparo Valencia
Ana Jiménez (movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns)
Turkish Figen Harman

In the games

Pokémon Yellow

Both Jessie and James appear in Pokémon Yellow as in-game bosses. They first attack the main character in Mt. Moon, while trying to take one of the rare fossils uncovered there.

Later, in Celadon City's Rocket Game Corner, Jessie and James guard Giovanni's room in the Team Rocket base. During that time, as the player runs into them, they are eager for revenge after the main character busted up their plans at Mt. Moon.

They hold Mr. Fuji hostage at Pokémon Tower. They attack the main character on the seventh floor.

Finally, at Silph Co. in Saffron City, Jessie and James make their final appearance, once again trying to stall the main character from reaching their Boss.

Unlike in the anime, Jessie and James do not follow the main character around and come up with their usual evil plans to capture Pikachu.

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Fourth battle

Pokémon Puzzle League

Along with many other anime characters, both Jessie and James appeared in Pokémon Puzzle League.

In the TCG

Jessie and James appear on both versions of the card Here Comes Team Rocket!, which originally released in the Team Rocket set; it was re-released with different artwork in EX Team Rocket Returns. In that expansion, there was also a preconstructed Theme Deck based on Jessie.

In the manga

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Electric Tale of Pikachu

Jessie and James both made an appearance in the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, which was based off of the anime.

While Jessie's role in the Pokémon anime has not yet ended, in this manga, she ended up married to James and having a baby on the way.


On hand
Ekans → Arbok


  • According to James in Pokémon Shipwreck, Jessie is short for Jessica.
  • Both Jessie and James have used a Charizard at separate times. They used a third one together as well. None of the three remained in their care, however.
File:Jessie's Lure.jpg
Jessie's special lure
  • In Sinnoh, she dressed up as a cowgirl and she was called Catherine Jessieburn. This is a direct reference to the legendary Hollywood actress Katharine Hepburn.
  • Jessie is currently the only member of the anime's main cast who is traveling with a Pokémon not in the extended Sinnoh Pokédex. In fact, she has two; Wobbuffet and Seviper.
  • Much like Misty's, Jessie also has a special lure being modeled after her, like seen in Hook, Line, and Stinker.
  • In Clamperl of Wisdom!, Jessie had sinusitis.
  • In the main series games, Jessie and James are the only characters from Generation I to appear only in that generation, as they do not reappear in Generation II and Generation IV when Kanto is revisited, and (being exclusive to Pokémon Yellow) were not adapted into the Generation III FireRed and LeafGreen remakes.
  • Jessie's hair color changed from red to magenta in Here's Lookin at You, Elekid. This was because this episode was the first to feature digital colored animation, and was possibly due to Jessie's updated Sugimori artwork featuring magenta hair. In all the hand-colored cel animated episodes before the latter, Jessie's hair color was red.
  • Jessie is currently the only main character whose Pokémon on hand are all fully evolved.
  • All of Jessie's Pokémon which have a confirmed gender are female, these Pokémon being Yanmega and Dustox both of which are are based on insects.
  • All of Jessie's current official contest wins have been featured in episodes animated by 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane.

Name origin

James and Jessie

Jessie's English name is taken from Jesse James, an American outlaw. Her Japanese name, Musashi, is taken from 宮本武蔵 Miyamoto Musashi, a famous Japanese swordsman. In his most famous duel, he defeated his rival, 佐々木小次郎 Sasaki Kojirō, after whom James got his Japanese name. However, one can argue that she is also named after the Japanese battleship Musashi, as her rival Cassidy's Japanese name is based off of the Japanese battleship Yamato.

She is based on a combination of Takeshi Shudō's old girlfriend from when he was in school and the female antagonist of the Time Bokan anime series.

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