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ミカン Mikan
""The Steel-Clad Defense Girl""
Headshot from G/S/C
Gender Female
Hometown Olivine City
Region Johto
Relatives Grandpa Myron (anime)
Trainer class Gym Leader, Coordinator
Generation II, IV
Games Gold, Silver, Crystal, Stadium 2, Diamond, Pearl
Leader of Olivine Gym
Badge Mineral Badge
Anime debut Fight for the Light
English voice actor Tara Jayne
Japanese voice actor Yumi Kakazu

Jasmine (Japanese: ミカン Mikan) is the Gym Leader of Olivine City's Gym, known officially as the Olivine Gym. Her specialty is Template:Type2 Pokémon, and she gives the Mineral Badge to Trainers who defeat her in battle. She also appears in Sinnoh to give trainers HM07 (Waterfall) and to compete in Sinnoh's Super Contests.

In the anime

File:Jasmine anime.jpg
Jasmine in the anime

Jasmine appears in Fight for the Light and Nerves of Steelix. Her Japanese voice actress is かかずゆみ Yumi Kakazu, her English voice actress is Tara Jayne and her Brazilian voice actress is Letícia Quinto.

In the anime, Jasmine runs the Sparkling Lighthouse in Olivine City. She used her Ampharos to light the way over the shore, but when it became ill, she asked Ash to fetch it some medicine from Cianwood City. Ash and his friends retrieved the medicine and sent it back with one of Jasmine's young apprentices, Janina.

Several weeks later, Ash and his friends returned from the Whirl Islands and Ash challenged Jasmine to a Gym match. Ash used Cyndaquil and was able to defeat Jasmine's Steelix.

Compared to other media, where she is typically depicted as meek and soft-spoken, the anime version of Jasmine is markedly more confident, and even aggressive during Gym battles. She makes a powerful introduction, leaping from a cliff and gracefully landing on her Steelix. She is not afraid to take on Team Rocket, and is quite vocal in letting Ash know she won't go easy on him during battle.

It is rumored that Jasmine may make a suprise appearance when the group reaches Sunnyshore City. Whether or not this will be true is currently unknown.


This listing is of Jasmine's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.

On hand


In the lighthouse


In the games

Jasmine's title is "The Steel-Clad Defense Girl".

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, one can't fight Jasmine right away, as she's busy taking care of a sick Ampharos. First one must get a special medicine from the pharmacy in Cianwood City and give it to her.

Jasmine trains the recently-discovered Steel-type Pokémon, but it's said that she recently used to train a different type. A Gentleman in the Lighthouse says she used to train Template:Type2 Pokémon, like Onix.

Jasmine is a very shy girl, and has trouble speaking. She's compassionate, and when Amphy, the Ampharos in the lighthouse tower, falls ill, Jasmine is so worried she cannot even smile. Amphy and Jasmine appear to be close, because when the medicine is brought from Cianwood City, Amphy will only take it from her.

The Olivine City Gym is probably the most simply designed Pokémon Gym in Johto. It consists of just one straight, fairly short walkway, outlined with boulders, leading up to a small set of steps onto a raised stone platform. For this reason, and possibly due somewhat to Jasmine's shy nature, she appears to be the only member of her gym.

In addition to the Mineral Badge, Jasmine gives out TM23 (Iron Tail).

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Jasmine is staying in Sunyshore City for a while, which she says reminds her of home with its lighthouse and its location on the sea. She also occasionally enters Super Contests with her Steelix, which is nicknamed Rusty (Japanese: ネール Neil).

She hands out HM07, Waterfall after defeating the eigth Gym Leader, Volkner.


This listing is of Jasmine's Pokémon in the video games she has appeared in.

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal


Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (Contests)


Pokémon Stadium 2

  • Round 1 Pokémon


  • Round 2 Pokémon



"Thank you for your help at the Lighthouse... But this is different. Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jasmine, a Gym Leader. I use the Steel-type. ...Do you know about the Steel-type? It's a type that was only recently discovered. ...Um... May I begin?"

"...You are a better trainer than me, in both skill and kindness. In accordance with League rules, I confer upon you this Badge."

"Um... I don't know how to say this, but good luck..."

In the Pokémon Special manga

Jasmine was caught in an Earthquake caused by Team Rocket while traveling through Ecruteak City. She had climbed the Tin Tower to get away from the shaking and got caught in some rubble. Using Ampharos to send off a distress flare, she caught the attention of both Gold and Silver. The two boys actually fought over who would get to rescue her, and she only barely managed to escape, leaving the young rivals trapped in the tower.

Jasmine later managed to recover. At the Pokémon League Tournament, she fought against Brock. She covered her Steelix in rubble to make it look like an Onix, thinking that the newly-discovered Steel Pokémon would be too horrifying for people to see.

Jasmine once specialized in Rock-type Pokémon before Crystal and Professor Oak discovered Steel-type Pokémon.

Jasmine's Togetics are the parents of Gold's Togepi.


This listing is of Jasmine's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga.

Magneton x2

In the TCG

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A number of cards attributed to Jasmine appeared in the Japanese-only Pokémon VS expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In this iteration, Jasmine has six Pokémon, most of which are Lightning-type (although one is Metal-type, the TCG equivalent of the Template:T2 Jasmine uses in the games). Her Ampharos is probably meant to represent Amphy.

In addition to the six Pokémon, Jasmine has two TM cards, which could be attached to any one of her Pokémon to give it an extra attack for one turn. Aside from these, there are no trainer cards of any sort associated with Jasmine.


This listing is of Jasmine's Pokémon in the Pokémon TCG.


Jasmine watching a contest? Note the hairstyle. She still shows up even if a non-glitch Pokémon is used in the contest.
  • Her Japanese Leader title is 鋼のかんきつ系女社長. This is a bit of a pun, as Kankitsu translates to citrus, and Jasmine's own Japanese name, Mikan, is a variant of orange.
  • She's the only female Gym Leader of Johto that accepts that she is defeated.
  • Many fans point to her appearance in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl as a hint for Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes.
  • Jasmine appears to be watching the contests in Ruby and Sapphire. Whitney and Pryce appear in the audience as well.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ミカン (Mikan) 蜜柑 mikan, a citrus fruit. The mi may be a reference to ミネラル, "mineral".
English, French, Italian Jasmine A jasmine is a sweet-smelling flower; the mine refers to mineral, or an actual mine.
German Jasmin As above.
Spanish Yasmina As above.
Korean 규리 (Gyuri) May be referring to the word 귤 (Gyul), which is a citrus fruit.
Chinese 阿蜜 (Ā Mì) 蜜 is taken from 蜜柑 mikan.

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