James's Gyarados

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James's Gyarados

James's Gyarados (Japanese: コジロウーのギャラドス Kojirō's Gyarados) was the first Pokémon shown to be captured by James in the Pokémon anime. Its voice actor in both Japanese and English is unknown; as a Magikarp, it was voiced by Maddie Blaustein in the English dub.

James purchased his Gyarados as a Magikarp on the St. Anne. While on the ocean liner, the Magikarp Salesman tricked him into buying what he said was a valuable Magikarp inside a gold Poké Ball. Jessie told James that Magikarp is a completely useless Pokémon, and Meowth informed James that the Poké Ball was only gold-plated.

When the St. Anne sank, James tried using Magikarp to help them escape, but it only made their situation worse. After finally making it to the surface, Meowth tried to take a bite out of it. His teeth broke off, and James, angry at how useless it was, kicked it. The kick caused Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados.

Using Dragon Rage, Gyarados sent Team Rocket, Ash and his friends flying. James's Gyarados was never seen again, though it is possible that it was one of the Gyarados seen in The Search for the Legend, as they were in the path that the St. Anne took.

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