James's Mime Jr.

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File:AG147 169.jpeg
Manene about to go into one of James's empty Poké Balls

James's Manene (Japanese: マネネ) was the third Pokémon caught by James of Team Rocket during the Advanced Generation Pokémon anime, after Cacnea and Chimecho. Its Japanese voice actress is 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani.

James caught Manene by accident in AG147 after it purposefully initiated the capture mechanism on one of his empty Poké Balls that had fallen on the floor. Manene previously resided with the old couple who took care of an old vacation home of James's family; James went there when his Chimecho fell ill. Manene took an instant liking to James, keeping him companion at night while he sat over Chimecho. James was thankful for this, and he told Manene that it was kindhearted. When it was time for James to leave, Chimecho was still ill, so he decided to leave it in care of the old couple. When he reached in his pocket to get Chimecho's Poké Ball, the empty ones fell out, and Manene rushed in. James asked why Manene would want to go with him, and the couple told him that Manene likes him and thinks he is a kind person.

Manene, as a mime Pokémon, imitates what people do.

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