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=Attacks used=
=Attacks used=
*Mega Punch
*{{m|Mega Punch}}
*Hyper Beam
*{{m|Hyper Beam}}
*Water Pulse
*{{m|Water Pulse}}
=Related articles=
=Related articles=

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James's Aggron (Japanese: コジロウのボスゴドラ Kojiro's Bossgodora) was a Pokémon that James owned for a short amount of time during the Battle Frontier saga.

In Grating Spaces, Delibird gave Jessie and James two Poké Balls containing a Charizard and an Aggron. Excited at having two strong Pokémon, they decided to use them to attack Pewter Gym. When they entered, the challenged Brock and Ash to a double battle.

Using their Donphan and Steelix, the two friends tried to defeat Team Rocket's newly acquired Pokémon. However, the Aggron and Charizard were stronger and gained an early advantage. The battle was ended when Max discovered that the two trainers were indeed Team Rocket in disguise. With the help of Forest, Team Rocket were sent blasting off and Pewter Gym was safe.

At the end of the day, Delibird returned and took the two Pokémon back. Before Team Rocket could question what it was doing, it was gone, and James's Aggron and Jessie's Charizard haven't been seen since.

Attacks used

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