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JN056 : Searching for Chivalry!
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
JN058 : A Rollicking Roll… / Eyes on the Goal!
Memories of a Warming Kindness!
JN057   EP1142
Love is Koduck
First broadcast
Japan February 26, 2021
United States September 10, 2021
English themes
Opening Journey to Your Heart
Japanese themes
Opening 1・2・3
Ending ポケモンしりとり(ミュウ→ザマゼンタVer.)
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 面出明美 Akemi Omode
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director 小柴純弥 Junya Koshiba
Animation directors 大西雅也 Masaya Ōnishi
倉員千晶 Chiaki Kurakazu
Additional credits

Memories of a Warming Kindness! (Japanese: 恋はコダック Love is Koduck) is the 57th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and the 1,142nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on February 26, 2021, in Canada on August 7, 2021, and in the United States on September 10, 2021.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


It’s a chilly, busy day in Vermilion City! Parker is taking Yamper to a sleepover, Goh wants to catch some Ice-type Pokémon, and Chrysa and Chloe end up having a girls’ night. After Chloe notices Chrysa’s collection of Psyduck goods, Chrysa reminisces about a time she felt like a failure—but a young man with a scarf-wearing Psyduck cheered her up, and she never forgot them.

The next day, Ash and Goh tell Chloe they met the same man and Psyduck, so Chloe insists on going out to look for them. The search is successful, and Chloe reunites an overjoyed Chrysa with the Psyduck who’s meant so much to her!


At Chrysa's house, before leaving for work, she has a phone conversation with her mother who insists on her daughter to visit her sometime since she is always busy with her work. However, Chrysa quickly becomes flustered by her mother's question whether she has a "special someone", hanging up the phone in the process. She leaves, but not before briefly speaking to a photo of her with a man and his Psyduck with a scarf.

Later, in a cold afternoon, Chloe arrives to the Cerise Laboratory with her Eevee, just in time to see Professor Cerise leaving for some "exciting work", with Chrysa and Ren seeing him leave, immediately followed by Ash and Goh leaving to find Ice Pokémon due to the weather. Chloe is left dismayed, as she wants to eat lunch with the duo since Parker went to Jinny's house with Yamper, who himself was reluctant to go with him until Chloe requested him to, and Talia had to leave due to completing the work of an artist who had injured his hand. On entering the lab, Ren and Chloe are scared by Gengar popping out of the wall. Eevee mimics it and upsets it, prompting the Shadow Pokémon to leave after Chrysa calmly tells him to stop his antics. Chloe then asks whether she can watch Chrysa work, to which the latter gladly agrees. As usual, Chrysa remains cool in her work while Ren gets tensed in a few situations, though he is helped by his female partner. During their work, Chloe begins to admire Chrysa for her coolness. Eventually, Chrysa's work is done for the day. She later asks Chloe whether she wants to have a girls' night at the former's house, after Ash and Goh don't return, to which Chloe happily accepts, after Chrysa promises her to teach her some easy hair braiding techniques.

Both Chrysa and Chloe leave while Ren continues his work in the lab. On their way, Chrysa buys several food items. They reach her apartment, though upon entering her room, Chloe is shocked by Psyduck merchandise and other items scattered around, to which Chrysa hastily puts all the clothes in the cupboard. Chloe asks Chrysa whether she likes Psyduck due to its merchandise present in the room, to which she answers in the affirmative. When Chloe tells that she can become the Duck Pokémon's Trainer, the female assistant tells that she feels relaxed by just looking at the merch. Eventually, the two prepare to eat. Back in the Vermillion Port, however, Ash and Goh aren't able to find a single Ice Pokémon and are forced to leave due to their hunger, though on leaving, they miss a school of Lapras who had been hiding in the waters.

Back in Chrysa's room, both Chloe and Chrysa are enjoying the night, eating some food together. Back in a ramen shop, Ash and Goh have a conversation with a man who has a Psyduck wearing a scarf. The Psyduck receives a headache and unintentionally uses Confusion on everybody present, though it is calmed down by its Trainer. To make up for the actions, the Trainer orders some ramen for both Trainers. Once again, in Chrysa's room, the two are enjoying the scents of perfumes, the latter of which is considered a part of Pokémon research by the assistant. After wearing their pajamas, Chloe wearing a Psyduck based one bought by Chrysa, which embarrasses her, they go to bed. After a brief talk, Chloe admits her admiration towards Chrysa, to which the latter recalls the day she suffered her biggest failure. The time when she lost her research papers on her way to a conference. While depressed, she was consoled by the Psyduck wearing the scarf who was accompanied by its Trainer. After giving back the scarf to the Duck Pokémon, after finding it feeling uncomfortable without it, Chrysa played with them, to the point where she forgot her depression, and the two parted ways later, but not before taking a photo with the snowman they had created together. Back to the present, Chrysa admits that seeing the photo when she's disappointed cheers her up. However, Chloe thinks that she has some feelings for the man.

The next day, back in the lab, Chloe thanks Chrysa for the night, before the latter begins her daily work. Chloe finds Ash and Goh having breakfast, though they admit that they weren't able to catch any Ice Pokémon but met a person with a Psyduck wearing a scarf, which intrigues Chloe, who sets off to find the Trainer, with Ash and Goh in tow, but to no avail. They, however, find the Psyduck and its Trainer, after the Duck Pokémon repeated the same act it did to Chrysa, to Chloe. The latter drags the man to the Cerise Laboratory where Chrysa is sweeping the snow. An emotional reunion takes place between Chrysa and not the man, but his Psyduck, much to Chloe's shock, while Ash and Goh and their Pokémon are left confused. Chrysa then takes another photo with the Psyduck, along with everybody else present, and keeps it on her lab desk, thanking a rather annoyed Chloe for the reunion.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.


Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Psyduck


The "After the story" artwork for this episode


  • The Dutch airing of this episode on Nickelodeon had the opening in a different pitch using the Danish localization for the logo. The same mistake happened in the following episode.

Dub edits

  • The desserts Chloe and Chrysa eat are called cupcakes in the dub. In the Japanese version, they are just called sweets.

In other languages

JN056 : Searching for Chivalry!
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
JN058 : A Rollicking Roll… / Eyes on the Goal!
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