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It is voiced by 石塚運昇 ''[[Unshō Ishizuka]]'' in both English and Japanese.}}
It is voiced by 石塚運昇 ''[[Unshō Ishizuka]]'' in both English and Japanese.}}
*''[[DP020|Mutiny In The Bounty!]]''
*''[[DP045|Ill - Will Hunting!]]''
*''[[DP071|Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 1]]''
*''[[DP072|Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 2]]''
*''[[DP129|Pillars of Friendship!]]''

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[[File:File:J Full.png|{{{size}}}]]
Pokémon Hunter J
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Silver
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Anime debut Mutiny in the Bounty
English voice actor Sonny Dey
Japanese voice actor Takako Honda

J (Japanese: J), frequently referred to as Pokémon Hunter J, is a Pokémon hunter who, with the help from her henchmen, steals Trainers' Pokémon and sells the Pokémon requested by her clients for a profit. She first appeared in Mutiny in the Bounty.


She is a person who is willing to do anything to capture Pokémon for her clients even if it means injuring people or Pokémon, easily revealing her to be ruthless, relentless, and cruel. In fact, in her debut episode, she sacrificed some of her henchmen to Officer Jenny without hesitation or remorse, emphasising her intensely independent, sociopathic, greedy and callous nature. She has no honor, decency or regard for any form of life. The only thing that matters to her is money, nothing else. She is one of the very few characters (including the Iron-Masked Marauder) in the anime who is purely evil.

In Mutiny in the Bounty, she first stole Melodi's Gardevoir. Thinking Ash's Pikachu and Team Rocket's Meowth would be worth a lot, she stole them, too, thus forcing Ash to join forces with Jessie and James to rescue them. Following a brief confrontation with J, they managed to sneak into J's airborne base and rescue their Pokémon and all the others she had stolen, before returning them to their rightful Trainers. Though several of her henchmen have been captured by Officer Jenny, J remained at large. Jessie, James and Meowth especially seem to harbor a grudge against her ever since she kidnapped Meowth.

J appeared again in Ill-Will Hunting!. This time, she was on a mission to steal a group of Shieldon, but was foiled by Ash and his friends, with help from Gary. Her employer cut off the deal to obtain the Shieldon, since Officer Jenny was near. After telling Ash and co. not to get in her way next time, she told her second-in-command to establish radio contact with their employer, in order to tell him that they would not be doing service with him again.

She appeared again during the two-part episode Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Parts One and Two where she tried to steal a special Riolu for her client.

She also appeared in Pillars of Friendship where she traveled to the Snowpoint Temple and forcefully resurrected Regigigas at the request of a client. Despite this, she was unable to capture it, due mostly to the efforts of Brandon and his Pokémon, and she immediately withdrew from the area when her client decided to cancel the deal.

J appeared again in DP150, where she was hired by Team Galactic to catch Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. She also appeared in DP151, attempting to carry out the task of capturing them. Although she did succeed in capturing the Lake guardians, her ship was hit by two Future Sight attacks used by Uxie and Mesprit after she handed them over to Saturn. As a result, her ship crashed into Lake Valor and was sucked into a whirlpool while she and her crew members were on board. Once the ship was underwater, the protective glass broke and the ship was flooded with water, causing it to explode. It is currently unknown if J or any of her crew survived.


This listing is of J's known Pokémon:

Main article: Ash's Pikachu
Debut [[]]
Debut [[]]
Debut [[]]


"Cannon" Stone Case Goggles Henchmen's vehicle
150px Regice stone.png 150px 150px 150px
Airship Inside airship Invisible Laser Gum
150px 150px J ship invisible.png J ship laser.png J ship gum.png


  • J has what looks like some sort of cannon attached to her arm that is able to turn Pokémon and humans into stone. In Pillars of Friendship, it was destroyed when Regigigas reflected her Salamence's Dragon Pulse back at her. The effects are permanent unless Pokémon are placed in a special case. The device had been repaired by the time the events of DP151 took place.
  • She also has cases for those Pokémon turned to stone which can adjust how much the body is covered with stone.
  • Her goggles also have many abilities, like detecting heat and camouflaged or transformed Pokémon.


  • She has six-wheeled vans driven by her henchmen that can shoot out nets and have retractable arms.
  • She travels throughout the Pokémon world in an airship, which also serves as her hideout. This ship is capable of cloaking itself to render it invisible. It is also capable of releasing lasers from its front and a gum-like substance from below.


  • Unlike most villains in the anime, J actually seems as if she is trying to kill Ash, not merely get rid of him. This was shown in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part Two when she commanded her Salamence to use Hyper Beam directly on him, having her Drapion squeeze him tight with its claws, and ejecting him from her ship at a great height.
  • The case devices that contain the stone-transformed Pokémon greatly resemble the Assist Trophy items from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • J has used her Ariados to attack two different girls named Maria. However one is named Maria in the Japanese version and the other is named Maria in the English dub.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 本田貴子 Takako Honda
English Sonny Dey
Dutch Lotte Horlings
Polish Joanna Węgrzynowska (DP019-DP045)
Julia Hertmanowska (DP071-present)
Brazilian Portuguese Letícia Quinto
European Spanish María José Castro

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