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Italia 1
The Italia 1 logo.
Headquarters File:FlagItaly.png Italy
Launched 1982
Owned By Mediaset

Italia 1 (Italia Uno) is a commercial Italian TV channel owned by Mediaset that airs several TV series, cartoons and anime (like Pokémon) oriented at children and teenagers.

Pokémon on Italia 1

The beginning of the success

Pokémon started on January 7th 2000 to have been being broadcasted from Monday to Friday in the afternoon, around 5 P.M. The series that year was successful and it was also transmitted on prime time on Saturdays. From the fourth season on, however, Pokémon lost more and more fame. On Christmas 2001 it was even suspended for one year, perhaps for dub problems, and when in the end of 2002 it started again, its success was lowered even more.

The decline

In 2003 Master Quest began around 4 P.M. With this fifth series, Italia 1 chose to divide the episodes into two halves for the premiere, creating, in this way, two 10-minutes episodes broadcasted from Monday to Friday. However, when the episodes were re-aired, they were transmitted in full. From that moment on, nevertheless, Pokémon was broadcasted later and later (Pokémon Advanced at 4.30 P.M., Pokémon Advanced Challenge at 5 P.M.) as long as the eight season started to be broadcasted at 6:00 P.M., always for ten minutes on February 2006. Unfortunately, after few months was moved to Saturdays and Sundays imitating the TV schedule of Kids WB! Nevertheless, the most of the Italian kids still attend the school on Saturday. Due to this choice, some Italian Pokémon sites chose to make together a petition against Italia 1. Perhaps because of this petition or maybe due to the lower audience, Pokémon returned in the afternoon at 5:15 P.M.


With the begin of Pokémon Chronicles, however, the show was broadcasted once again in the weekend (but later in the morning). The same happened for Pokémon: Battle Frontier, that not only was transmitted in the weekends, but also just for 10 minutes. Even, in Summer 2007, Pokémon landed every morning at 8:30 A.M. In September 2007, Italia 1 decided on give another chance to the show and, exploiting the success of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon came back in the afternoon with the new season, "Pokémon: Diamante e Perla". The first episodes were successful, similar to the ones of the first seasons, but after few episodes the success decreased, and so in January 2008 "Diamante e Perla" went back in the weekend.


In Italy just the first 5 Pokémon movies have been released till now. On February 28th, March 6th and 13th 2004 the first three movies would have had been broadcasted, for the first time on TV, on Italy 1 in prime time. Nevertheless, due to the low audience, just the first two have been broadcasted. One year later, finally, the third one has been broadcasted, this time on Sunday afternoon, at 2. From that day, however, the films have not been transmitted anymore. Some sources affirm that Mediaset has treated for getting the rights of transmission of the whole first nine movies but also for the tenth one.

Opening Themes

Traditionally, Mediaset, since its origins, has always created openings for cartoons and anime some independent from the Japanese and North American opening themes. For Pokémon, nine themes have been made (for the first ten seasons and for Pokémon Chronicles). For Pokémon Advanced & Pokémon: Advanced Challenge, and for Pokémon: Advanced Battle & Pokémon: Battle Frontier, the same opening themes have been used.


Boing is an Italian digital television channel, broadcasted via DTT technology. It's owned by Mediaset. It broadcasts most of all rerunning cartoon series and movies coming from Italia 1 and, among the others, also the Pokémon anime.

Jetix Italia

In 2009, Walt Disney Company's channel, Jetix, will obtain the rights for broadcasting the brand new eleventh season.

Pokémon Schedule

Time Day Channel Series
6:15 PM Monday Boing Pokémon: Diamante e Perla
6:15 PM Tuesday Boing Pokémon: Diamante e Perla
6:15 PM Wednesday Boing Pokémon: Diamante e Perla
6:15 PM Thursday Boing Pokémon: Diamante e Perla
6:15 PM Friday Boing Pokémon: Diamante e Perla
 ? AM From Nov. 8 Boing Pokémon: Advanced Challenge
 ? AM From Nov. 9 Boing Pokémon: Advanced Challenge

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