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It's Super Effective
"What's up, everybody?"
Its Super Effective logo.png
It's Super Effective logo
Language English
Status Podcast Active
Website Active
Run Podcast July 2010 - Present
Website July 2010 - Present
Podcast debuted July 26, 2010
Last episode published {{{final}}}
Website opened July 24, 2010 (as Poké
Website closed {{{site_close}}}
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Creator(s) Steve Black Jr.
Host(s) Steve Black Jr. et al.
Number of Episodes 106 (as of April 1, 2013)
Forum PokéTalk
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Feed It's Super Effective RSS feed It's Super Effective on the iTunes Store It's Super Effective can be found on the Zune Marketplace.
This article is about the podcast. For the in-game concept, see Damage modification. For the webcomic, see Super Effective (webcomic).

It's Super Effective is a Pokémon-centric podcast hosted by Steve Black Jr., also known by his initials SBJ, and is the flagship show of It's Super Effective began on July 26, 2010, two days after the launch of the website, which began as



  • Introduction - Steve usually begins with "What's up, everybody?" and introduces the cast members.
  • News - The hosts discuss recent events in the Pokémon community.
  • ExtremeSpeed - Steve and occasionally another cast member grill another cast member (usually a new guest) with a string of questions, usually pertaining to a personal preference between two Types, Pokémon, or Items.
  • Featured Team - Steve and the cast give comments and constructive criticism on a listener's submitted team of Pokémon. Steve has said that this is reminiscent of a similar feature in Nintendo Power magazines he read in his childhood.
  • Pokémon of the Week - Steve and the cast usually end the show with talking about one Pokémon in particular. This sometimes relates to the weekly articles on the website. The chat ranges between facts of the Pokémon, movesets recommendations, and sometimes debates on whether or not the shiny form is cool.


These people have made one or two appearances on the show, either as a co-host or as an interviewee.

Episode titles

Since its debut in 2010, the podcast has followed a naming convention for the titles of each episode, which changes every ten episodes:

Episodes Naming theme
1-10 "[Subject A] to [Subject B]"
11-20 "The [Subject]"
21-30 "Pokémon [Color or Object] Version"
31-40 "S.U.B.J.E.C.T."
41-50 Jay-Z songs
51-60 "[Letter] as in [Subject starting with letter]" (Sesame Street)
61-70 Films
71-80 Palindromes
81-89 The Simpsons episode titles
90-99 Video games
100 One Hundred
101 - ??? Pokémon X and Y Names

Live episodes

It's Super Effective has featured various live shows since it debuted. The first live show took place on BlogTalkRadio for episode 25 and lasted almost three hours. Users called in during the show to talk with Black and Aaron Spriggs. A chat was also active during the recording where fans could ask questions and participate. The second live show was episode 35. This episode was a panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo where Black and crew talked in front of a room of over fifty people. Another BlogTalkRadio show was done for episode 52 and featured Black and Kidd Starck. To celebrate ISE's second anniversary, episode 84 featured Black talking about the past success of the website and podcast. The last live show to take place was episode 87. While no one was allowed to call in, listeners instead listened to commentary from Black and another friend named Vinnie as they watched Destiny Deoxys through BlogTalkRadio.

Episode 100

The one hundredth episode of It's Super Effective debuted on New Year's Eve 2012. The episode was five hours long and featured ten interviews with almost all of the main cast members, each interview lasting anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes. Music and over twenty fans' voicemails were featured in between the interviews to tie the show together. A couple throwback segments from older shows were included. After episode 100 was published, the show took two weeks off.

Podcast art

Episodes 1 - 100
Artwork features Ken Sugimori art of Gengar and is derived from Red and Blue's box art.
Episodes 101 and onwards
The redesign of the podcast art was to tie into the redesign of the site. For legal reasons and to ever be featured in iTunes "Staff Picks", the change was also made to get away from using copyrighted imagery including the Pokémon logo and Ken Sugimori artwork.

Related podcasts

Critical Hit
A video podcast that is either consisting of various Pokémon-related things happening in Black Jr.'s life or a video version of the main audio podcast, depending on the episode. In the former's case, the podcast finishes off with a Pokémon-related YouTube video before the credits.
Steve's uncensored side project. Leftovers was hosted by Black Jr. and his friend Chris. Leftovers dealt with a more adult side of the Pokémon fandom, but is currently on hiatus. Also called "It's Super Offensive."


It's Super Effective is currently the most popular Pokémon podcast on iTunes and Zune. "It's Super Effective" was pulled from iTunes after having to move their servers in July 2012. Once the server move was complete, "It's Super Effective" peaked at the #2 "Top Podcasts" in the "Video Game Podcasts" in the iTunes Store. On the Zune Marketplace, the podcast peaked at #55 on the service's "most subscribed podcasts" list and #48 on its "most subscribed audio podcasts" list.[1] It became the leading Pokémon podcast after The Pallet Tribune's WTPT - Pokémon Radio ended production in 2010, the same year that ISE debuted. It won the third, fourth, and fifth annual Shorty Awards (2011 - 2013) in the community-created category of "The Best Podcast in Social Media"[2] with 50, 145, and 67 votes, respectively. For the 2013 Shorty Awards, host Steve Black Jr. (under his Twitter handle @draggingalake) placed second in the category of #podcaster with 747 votes as of March 1, 2013 and is currently waiting finalization for April 8, 2013.[3]

It's Super Effective sits with 268 user reviews in the iTunes Store putting it at a solid five stars. However, in the early months of the podcast, Black held a couple giveaways which involved having listeners write in iTunes reviews to enter,[4][5] the second of which was not given a deadline until the podcast reached one hundred user reviews.[5][6] Black claimed that the iTunes review requirement was make sure that "true" Pokémon and ISE fans would be entering.[4]

Since debuting on Stitcher Radio in April 2012, the show has had a total listening time of over 220,000 minutes alone from listeners using the service.[7]




Staff members that are listed in italics are also current recurring hosts of It's Super Effective.

Steve Black Jr.
Creator/host of the It's Super Effective podcast and webmaster of
David Thomas
"Lore" editor; previously "PKMN of the Week" editor
Travis Wheeler
"Rare Article" editor; previously "Item of the Week" editor
William Anderson
"PKMN of the Week" editor
Wil Brendel
"Ability of the Week" editor
Saul Coronado
Tumblr editor
Kay Street
"Saturday Sketch" editor
Jay Petrequin
"Shattered Gemstones" editor; previously "Concept" editor
Kenny McKee
"Move of the Week" editor
Marc "Tytanious" Webb
"Featured Team" editor
Justin Vidal
Anime editor


Former staff members that are listed in italics were also past recurring hosts of It's Super Effective.

Catie Lackovich
From Press Pause Radio; former "Saturday Sketch" editor

Recurring co-hosts


  • Irene Sarumi
  • Aaron Spriggs


  • Justin Vidal of StriatonRadio
  • Wil Brendel
  • Brownkidd of Albotas
  • GeorgieBoy of Press Pause Radio
  • Matt Kane of Intrepid Audio


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