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These are Iscan's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Cobalt Coastlands - Aipom Hill
  • First encounter
" I have a visitor? I-I'll be right out... Give me a moment..."
"So, um..."
"I'm Iscan of...of the Diamond Clan..."
"A Galaxy Team member...with a Celestica Flute? O-oh. You must be <player>, right? H-have I done something to warrant your visit?"
Regardless of choice: "Well, sudden visits give me quite a shock... I do hope you'll give me advanced notice in the future."
"So, um...why are you here?"
Regardless of choice: "So want to go to Firespit Island? W-well, if you insist...then you'd probably need Basculegion's favorite snack. That should help help him warm up to you."
"But preparing his favorite... Oh... It's, um, more than a little difficult... More like an impossibly high hurdle... Or...really...just impossible, if I'm being honest..."
Regardless of choice: "I-I'll tell you... I have the right materials, but..."
"But then you... Well, you see, this next part is something I could never manage, but you need to catch this one Pokémon that appears at night..."
Regardless of choice: "Y-y-you really want to know? You...really don't value your own life, do you?"
"It's D... D... Dus... Dusclops... Oooh, even saying its name fills me with dread..."
"So...the materials for the food...have to be imbued with flavor by Dusclops's Dark Pulse... That's the only way you can make Basculegion's favorite food, you see..."
Regardless of choice: "W-wow, is everyone in the Galaxy Team like you? Your nerves aren't just steel... They're...titanium. It's positively frightening how, um, fearless you are."
"D-Dus... Agh, I can't say it... Well, the Pokémon I need has only one eye and can be found wandering around Deadwood Haunt..."
"Ah, Deadwood Haunt is the area that looks like a hand on your map... You'll know you're there when you find the wrecked boats..."
"I-I try very hard to avoid those one-eyed Pokémon, and so now I know a lot about them, you see..."
  • If talked to again before nighttime
"Would...would you like to wait here until night, when that Pokémon appears...?"
Yes, I'll wait: "Well then..."
  • If talked to again after catching Dusclops
"D-did you bring it? You know... The Pokémon with a name that sounds like, um, d-dust...bops..."
If the player shows a Pokémon other than Dusclops: "Th-that, um, "dust bops"... I guess you don't have it with you..."
If the player shows a Dusclops: "You really brought it...? N-no! Don't bring it out!"
"R-right... I guess...I guess I've got to do my part, seeing how, um, determined you go to that island...with Basculegion..."
"Usually I, um, ask Palina if the Growlithe she takes care of can help me with this bit."
"But this time, you need to help since... Well, since we're making this snack so that you'll be accepted by Basculegion."
"O-once I give the signal, you...have that "dust bops" of yours use its Dark Pulse..."
"Waugh! No! It's too frightening!"
Regardless of choice: "Right... S-so counting down to it just makes the anticipation and terror worse... Let's simply have you do it when I say go..."
"Both the aroma and the shape are...perfect! It's the perfect ball of Basculegion Food! Then let us make for Ginkgo Landing. We can summon Basculegion there..."
Cobalt Coastlands - Ginkgo Landing
"Oh, hello, <player>... I-I was just waiting for you..."
"O-oh, Palina! I...I thought you said we shouldn't be seen together?"
"I see... Well in that case, let me summon Basculegion."
"Go on, <player>. You can give the food to Basculegion now."
"O-oh... Thank goodness... I was a little worried about whether Basculegion would accept this favor..."
"So, uh, <player>... You should let Basculegion hear your playing."
"Now you can ride Basculegion across Tranquility Cove and head to Firespit Island."
"Palina... Do you want to tell him/her?"
"W-well, I was just doing what any decent person would do when I saved you..."
"Ah... Perhaps we should save this discussion for another time, after all."
"Y-yes! Exactly what she said!"
"What should we do, <player>? This is an emergency! R-right?"
"B-but, uh, you see... I've never...I've never actually had my partner battle before..."
"They said they were going to a place where nobody would bother them... The only place around the Cobalt Coastlands that seems Firespit Island."
"Oh! Now that you have Basculegion to help you cross the water, you can reach that island, too! Please. Could you find it in you to help Palina?"
"No, Palina... You should wait here and keep little Growlithe safe. I'm sure he needs you right now."
"Though...I'm not sure if I want to go to an island with l-lightning and bandits and... No! Come, <player>! No time to think! We must go now!"
"You should also know that Basculegion can jump from the water's surface—and then jump once again in the air to go even higher! You can throw items from Basculegion's back, too."
"In your case, I guess that would mean throwing Poké Balls to catch Pokémon."
"Honestly...I have to admit I'm still a little scared. Do you think you could head over first?"
Cobalt Coastlands - Firespit Island
  • After arriving on the island
"Whew... Firespit Island... It's certainly hot enough to feel like a sweat bath, isn't it?"
"And now we've got a ghost and bandits to deal with on top of the heat..."
"I'm very sorry, you think you could lead the way, <player>?"
"That poor Growlithe... I don't dare imagine what those bandits are doing to him now..."
"P-Palina?! What are you doing here? I thought you were waiting with little Growlithe..."
"Into the ocean?! But he was terrified of the ocean after it swallowed up the former lord— his own father!"
"Looks like he finally found his courage..."
"Palina, stay back!"
"That strange lightning hit him... He's become frenzied, just like the other nobles! Oooh, th-this is exactly why I didn't want to come to this island..."
"We should get out of here, too, Palina. Otherwise, we're fair game for Arcanine! Come on, <player>—we should hurry!"
"Well, that case, I do always carry some of Growlithe's favorite foods with I can thank him when he uses his flames to help prepare Basculegion's favorite meal..."
"Yes! Let's get right to work."
"They're ready! Here are the balms we need. Please let me know when you feel prepared to try to quell Lord Arcanine's frenzy."
  • If talked to again
"Are you ready, <player>?"
Let me prepare a bit...: "Yes, yes... Best to be well prepared."
  • After quelling Arcanine
"Um... Was I the only one who felt like they heard the cry of the previous Lord Arcanine earlier?"
"P-please, I do hope you're joking... I'm easily scared as it is. What am I to do if I start hearing the cries of ghosts all the time?"
Cobalt Coastlands - Molten Arena
  • After receiving Mission 22
"Hello, <player>. Thank you for coming so far out of your way."
"O-oh, yes. About It seems she wanted some time with her lord, so... she's asked us to check the Lava Dome Sanctum. Without her."
"I-I'm sure she meant no ill will. The warden of the Lord of the Isles is such a kind, gentle soul..."
"A-anyway, <player>, shall we go? Might as well get this over with."
Cobalt Coastlands - Lava Dome Sanctum
"With both Arcanine and Heatran spewing flames about a volcanic island, it certainly does get a bit toasty..."
"Uh, well, um... Y-yes, of course there was! After all, you are the leader of the Pearl Clan, and this trouble cropped up right around the seat of one of your clan's nobles Yes, it was surely best for you to come see to it. Admirable of you to look after your clan's affairs."
"Th-th-that's...surely not the case! Even if Warden Palina may have mentioned something about the need for, um, tough love..."
"Well, <player>, you did great! We'll, um, just head back ahead of you, then..."
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
  • By himself
"I-I've heard...that your soul can be stolen if you have your photo taken... But... But Palina asked me for one, so... Will you please take a photo with me?!"
  • With Palina
"You want a photo with...all th-three of us?! B-b-but I've heard that if you stand in the middle...your soul will be sucked out..."
Request 66 - "The Sea's Legend"
Galaxy Hall - Laventon's Office
  • After receiving the request
"I got your message, Professor Laventon... So, uh, you're looking for a Pokémon that was swimming towards the Cobalt Coastlands, yes...? Well, um, I'm very sorry, but I can't tell you much based on that alone..."
"But well... There is one thing I can tell you. I've heard that long ago, the Cobalt Coastlands was known as the East Sea, and...a princely Pokémon was said to live in the waters there."
"The story of this princely Pokémon can be found in a tome called "The Sea's Legend"... But no one knows much about either the tome or its tale, beyond what I've just told you..."
"So, uh... That's all I know. I...guess I wasn't much help after all. Sorry about that. I'll, um... I'll just take my leave here then."