Iron-Masked Marauder

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Basic Information

Also known as The Iron-Masked Marauder, Lord Vicious the Mask
Appearances Pokémon 4Ever
Age late 20s to early 30s.
Eye/Hair color Pupils are drawn too small to tell/Black or brown depending on lighting
Height Quite tall by the standards of the anime. An approximation might land his height around 6'6" (~2.0m).
Job status Elite officer
Origin of name It is just a description of his nature. "Bishasu" is often used by fans as an exact transliteration of ビシャス, but these days it is more commonly used to differentiate him from Cowboy Bebop's Vicious.
Hobbies Unknown.
Likes Power and control.
Dislikes A state of powerlessness, weakness, and those who get in his way.


Vicious is known to be heartless, cruel, and above all he is egocentric. He values his life though. At the end of movie when he finds himself overpowered he begs for his life. While this could be a cowardly side, some argue that this just shows him to think of himself before everything else.


Not much is known about him except he he has quite a reputation within Team Rocket. Jessie, James, and Meowth all recognize him and immediately start kowtowing shamelessly. Due to a mistranslation before the movie's release, a small part of the fanon community identifies him as the future son of Jessie and James, who has come back in time, but the movie itself disproves this.

Relationships with other members

None seen aside from his hatred of Giovanni. This hatred can either be a personal hatred stemming from problems that might have taken place off-screen or a hatred of having to answer to a higher up. His egocentric power-hungry nature also strengthens this theory. The hatred that he feels towards Giovanni is strong no matter what the reasoning behind it.

During the course of the movie, he has Dark Celebi construct a mech from forest debris, and Jessie is sucked into it. While having her be present wasn't part of his initial plan, he tells her his plan with the hopes that she will circulate the word about his new powers.

Arsenal and Abilities

He's obviously skilled at hand-to-hand combat, even if he doesn't have the best balance. His primary combat relies on Pokémon that are brainwashed by his Dark Balls (it is not known if his Sneasel and Scizor were victim to this, but his Tyranitar certainly was). The origin and technology behind these Dark Balls is unknown. Whether they are Rocket technology is also suspect because nobody else seems to use them. The only quality know about this item is that they make the target creature extremely loyal to Vicious, to the point of forgetting itself and attacking without regard to previous friendships and loyalties.