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An Inverse Battle (Japanese: ? ?) is a Pokémon battle introduced in Pokémon X and Y. During an Inverse Battle, type matchups are reversed. This type of battle is only conducted with Psychic Inver on Route 18, who can be battled once per day.


Any type that would be resistant or immune to another type is now weak to that type instead.

Stealth Rock is also affected, so Pokémon take damage based on their weakness or resistance to Rock under the inverse type chart. Abilities such as Sap Sipper that heal the Pokémon or boost a stat when hit by a specific type of move instead of taking damage still function normally.

Type chart

× Defending type
Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark Fairy

Fighting ½× ½× ½× ½× ½×
Flying ½× ½× ½×
Poison ½× ½×
Ground ½× ½× ½× ½× ½×
Rock ½× ½× ½× ½×
Bug ½× ½× ½×
Ghost ½× ½×
Steel ½× ½× ½×
Fire ½× ½× ½× ½×
Water ½× ½× ½×
Grass ½× ½× ½×
Electric ½× ½×
Psychic ½× ½×
Ice ½× ½× ½× ½×
Dragon ½×
Dark ½× ½×
Fairy ½× ½× ½×
These matchups are suitable for Generation VI.

Pokémon battle variations
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Battle modes

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