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Intimidation is a 2008 World Championship Deck created and used by Tristan Robinson. It is sold with the 60-card deck and a booklet. The Limited Edition cards included are not tournament legal.

This deck was built with one objective - countering powerful cards. For example, Scizor has an attack that does 80 damage to an opponent that has any Special Energy cards attached to it. Sableye can disable any opponent attack for one turn. Cessation Crystal disables all Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies. Crystal Beach makes Special, double-Energy cards count as a single Energy.

When building this deck, Tristan took note of the heavily-played cards at the time. Many of these included special Energy cards and Pokémon with effective Poké-Powers. He chose his own Pokémon and Trainer cards that directly conflicted with these effects. It turned out to be a wise decision, as he went on to win the 2008 World Championship (Junior Division) in Orlando, Florida.

Tristan's deck includes:

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Scizor Metal Rare
Scyther Grass Uncommon
Toxicroak Psychic Rare
Croagunk Psychic Common
Electrode Lightning Rare
Voltorb Lightning Common
Sableye Darkness Rare Holo
Castaway T Uncommon
Celio's Network T Uncommon
Cessation Crystal T Uncommon
Copycat T Uncommon
Crystal Beach T Uncommon
Roseanne's Research T Uncommon
Scott T Uncommon
Steven's Advice T Uncommon
Metal Energy (Special) Metal E Rare
Multi Energy Colorless E Common
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Metal Energy (Basic) Metal E
Psychic Energy Psychic E

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