Incredible Machine

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The Incredible Machine is another name for the giant Gigaremo unit built by Altru Inc., but really by Team Dim Sun and Blake Hall, in the form of the Altru Tower.

It is powered by the Shadow Crystal, which was later turned into the Luminous Crystal there using the Tears of Princes during Operation Brighton and is currently guarded by Darkrai.

In a special mission, Liberate The Tower!, Team Dim Sun's remnants formed into Team Debonairs, led by Kincaid. They took control of the upper floors of the Altru Tower, and tried to turn the Luminous Crystal back into the Shadow Crystal by removing the Tears of Princes. The player needs to capture Kincaid's Drapion and Gliscor with Darkrai's help to complete the mission.

Boss: Blake Hall
Subordinates: KincaidSinis TrioWheeler
Locations: Altru BuildingCargo Ship
Oil Field HideoutAltru Tower
Objects: Gigaremo unitsMiniremo units
Tears of Princes and Shadow Crystal
Incredible Machine
Other: Altru Inc.Team Debonairs
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