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Incense (Japanese: おこう Incense) is a type of item in Pokémon Sleep that can be equipped during sleep research to provide various effects.


Up to two incenses can be equipped before bedtime. Incenses are single-use, and are consumed after the player wakes up. When used, incenses provide various effects, as follows.

Incense Item description
Sleep Focus Incense.png Focus Incense Doubles the research EXP gained after sleep research. Good for one sleep session, then consumed.
Sleep Luck Incense.png Luck Incense Doubles the Dream Shards received after sleep research. Good for one sleep session, then consumed.
Sleep Growth Incense.png Growth Incense Doubles the EXP that helpers gain after sleep research. Good for one sleep session, then consumed.
Sleep Friend Incense.png Friend Incense Ensures that at least one Pokémon will appear during snack time feeling particularly hungry. Good for one sleep session, then consumed.
Sleep Recovery Incense.png Recovery Incense Doubles the Energy that helpers recover after sleep research. Good for one sleep session, then consumed.

Pokémon Incense

The Pokémon Incense is a kind of incense used to attract Pokémon. Pokémon incenses have a specific Pokémon that it can attract, as indicated by its name and sprite. When used, a Pokémon incense will lure the Pokémon to Snorlax's side, regardless of the player's sleep style. A Pokémon incense cannot be used if the Pokémon does not appear in the area (for example, a Pikachu Incense cannot be used in Taupe Hollow, as Pikachu does not appear there).

Pokémon incenses cannot be bought, and are only obtainable by completing weekly missions. All Pokémon incenses are named "<Pokémon> Incense" and share the following item description:

Games Description
Sleep An incense adored by <Pokémon>. It should be used before sleeping.

The appearance of Pokémon incenses match the type of the Pokémon it lures, as follows.

Sleep Pokémon Incense Normal.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Fighting.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Flying.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Poison.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Ground.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Rock.png
Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock
Sleep Pokémon Incense Bug.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Ghost.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Steel.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Fire.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Water.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Grass.png
Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass
Sleep Pokémon Incense Electric.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Psychic.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Ice.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Dragon.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Dark.png Sleep Pokémon Incense Fairy.png
Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark Fairy

Special Pokémon Incense

Incenses used to attract Special Pokémon have a unique appearance. A player may have up to only one of each Special Pokémon incense in their inventory at any given time.

File:Sleep Pokémon Incense Raikou.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 薰香 Fānhēung
Mandarin 薰香 Xūnxiāng
France Flag.png French Encens
Germany Flag.png German Rauch
Italy Flag.png Italian Aroma
South Korea Flag.png Korean 향로 Hyangno
Spain Flag.png Spanish Incienso

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