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イナヒメ Inahime
Artwork with Quagsire
Gender Female
Relatives Tadakatsu (father)
Kingdom Valora
Specialty Water, Steel
Default Pokémon Quagsire

Ina (Japanese: イナヒメ Inahime) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

In the games

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Warlord information

Rank I

Conquest Ina I.png Power 78
Wisdom 56
Charisma 68
Total 202
Warrior Skill Crack Shot
Capacity 5
Perfect Links
Prinplup Prinplup

Rank II

Conquest Ina II.png Power 88
Wisdom 63
Charisma 79
Total 230
Warrior Skill Elegance
Capacity 6
Perfect Links
Prinplup Prinplup Empoleon Empoleon
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 65% link with Prinplup or Empoleon.


  • When ordering to attack:
"<Pokémon's name>, use <move's name>!"
  • When using an item:
"Here, take my <item>!"
  • When using her Warrior Skill:
"This will decide the victor!"


Tadakatsu's daughter is a dignified and composed Warrior who aspires to match her father's greatness and devotes herself wholeheartedly to achieving her aim.

Historical origin

Ina is based on the real-life Komatsuhime of Japanese history. Her brother-in-law was Yukimura and her father-in-law was Masayuki (Sanada Masayuki). Ina's husband, Sanada Nobuyuki, does not appear in the game.


  • Rank I Ina has the highest Power of all untransformed female Warriors. Likewise, Rank II Ina has the highest Power of all transformed female Warriors.



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