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In-battle effect items are held items that take effect during a battle. As of Generation IV, each item can be classed in one of nine subcategories.

Choice items

Bag Choice Band Sprite.png Choice Band

Bag Choice Scarf Sprite.png Choice Scarf

Bag Choice Specs Sprite.png Choice Specs

  • Japanese: こだわりメガネ Prejudice Glasses
  • Effect: Increases Special Attack by 50%, but disallows all other moves besides the one used first.
  • Found:

Condition boosters

Bag Damp Rock Sprite.png Damp Rock

  • Japanese: しめったいわ Damp Rock
  • Effect: Lengthens duration of Rain Dance from 5 turns to 8 turns when used by the holder.
  • Found:

Bag Grip Claw Sprite.png Grip Claw

  • Japanese: ねばりのかぎづめ Sticky Claw
  • Effect: A hold item that causes trapping moves (such as Bind and Wrap) to always work for 5 turns.
  • Found:

Bag Heat Rock Sprite.png Heat Rock

  • Japanese: あついいわ Hot Rock
  • Effect: Lengthens duration of Sunny Day from 5 turns to 8 turns when used by the holder.
  • Found:

Bag Icy Rock Sprite.png Icy Rock

  • Japanese: つめたいいわ Icy Rock
  • Effect: Lengthens duration of Hail from 5 turns to 8 turns when used by the holder.
  • Found:

Bag Light Clay Sprite.png Light Clay

Bag Smooth Rock Sprite.png Smooth Rock

  • Japanese: さらさらいわ Smooth Rock
  • Effect: Lengthens duration of Sandstorm from 5 turns to 8 turns when used by the holder.
  • Found:


Bag Mental Herb Sprite.png Mental Herb

Bag Power Herb Sprite.png Power Herb

Bag White Herb Sprite.png White Herb

HP restoration

Bag Big Root Sprite.png Big Root

  • Japanese: おおきなねっこ Big Root
  • Effect: The HP stolen by draining moves is increased by 30%.
  • Found:

Bag Black Sludge Sprite.png Black Sludge

  • Japanese: くろいヘドロ Black Sludge
  • Effect: Restores 1/16 of the Pokémon's maximum HP (rounded down) each turn when held by Template:Type2 Pokémon; damages all other types by 1/8 of maximum HP each turn.
  • Found:

Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Leftovers

Bag Shell Bell Sprite.png Shell Bell

Power boosters

Berserk Gene

  • Japanese: はかいのいでんし Destructive Gene
  • Effect: Confuses the user and raises Attack. Consumed after use.
  • Found:

Bag Expert Belt Sprite.png Expert Belt

Bag Life Orb Sprite.png Life Orb

  • Japanese: いのちのたま Life Orb
  • Effect: Boosts the power of moves by 30%, but at the cost of 10% max HP each time the holder uses an attack. Life Orb does not damage the holder when an attack hits a Substitute. It does not boost the damage for fixed-damage attacks or self-inflicted confusion damage.
  • Found:

Bag Metronome Sprite.png Metronome

  • Japanese: メトロノーム Metronome
  • Effect: Boosts power of moves used repeatedly. Each time a move is used consecutively, its power is boosted by 10%, increasing up to 20 times. Switching or using another move returns the move's power to normal.
  • Found:

Bag Muscle Band Sprite.png Muscle Band

Bag Scope Lens Sprite.png Scope Lens

Bag Wide Lens Sprite.png Wide Lens

  • Japanese: こうかくレンズ Wide-angle Lens
  • Effect: Boosts the holder's Accuracy by 10% of the original accuracy.
  • Found:

Bag Wise Glasses Sprite.png Wise Glasses

Bag Zoom Lens Sprite.png Zoom Lens

  • Japanese: フォーカスレンズ Focus Lens
  • Effect: Boosts critical hit ratio if the holder moves after the foe.
  • Found:

Turn order alteration

Bag Iron Ball Sprite.png Iron Ball

Bag Lagging Tail Sprite.png Lagging Tail

Bag Quick Claw Sprite.png Quick Claw

Focus items

Bag Focus Band Sprite.png Focus Band

Bag Focus Sash Sprite.png Focus Sash

  • Japanese: きあいのタスキ Focus Strip
  • Effect: If the user has full hit points before a potentially fatal attack, this allows it to survive the attack with 1 HP. Can also protect against multiple-strike moves such as Fury Attack and Triple Kick, recoil damage, and self-inflicted confusion damage, but not Future Sight and Doom Desire. If held by Shedinja, no damage will be lost on the first turn only. Only works once per battle and is 'consumed'.
  • Found:

Negative effect on holder

Bag Flame Orb Sprite.png Flame Orb

Bag Sticky Barb Sprite.png Sticky Barb

  • Japanese: くっつきばり Sticky Barb
  • Effect: Damages holder each turn by 12.5% of its maximum HP each turn. Damages attackers using contact moves by 12.5% of their maximum HP. May transfer to a foe on contact if the foe has no held item.
  • Found: Veilstone Department Store, held by wild Cacnea and Cacturne ()

Bag Toxic Orb Sprite.png Toxic Orb

Other items

Bag Amulet Coin Sprite.png Amulet Coin

Bag Bright Powder Sprite.png BrightPowder

Bag Destiny Knot Sprite.png Destiny Knot

Bag Shed Shell Sprite.png Shed Shell

  • Japanese: きれいなぬけがら Pretty Shed Shell
  • Effect: Allows the holder to switch out even if it is trapped by a move or ability that restrains the Pokémon from switching out under normal circumstances.
  • Found:

Bag Smoke Ball Sprite.png Smoke Ball

  • Japanese: けむりだま Smoke Ball
  • Effect: Allows certain escape from a wild Pokémon.
  • Found:

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