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(Other items: I wonder what would happen if you stole it from the opponent, but the only opportunity I can think of for that is RSE Secret Bases.)
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|effect=Doubles money received after battle if the holder takes part in the battle. Does not stack with {{DL|Incense|Luck Incense}}.
|effect=Doubles money received after battle if the holder takes part in the battle. Does not stack with {{DL|Incense|Luck Incense}} or other Amulet Coins. Once the Pokémon has participated in battle while holding it, it cannot be negated; it takes effect even if the holding Pokémon faints, the Amulet Coin is stolen, {{m|Knock Off|knocked off}}, {{m|Fling|flung}}, or {{m|Embargo|negated}}.
|descgsc=Doubles monetary earnings. (HOLD)
|descgsc=Doubles monetary earnings. (HOLD)
|descrse=Doubles money in battle if the holder takes part.
|descrse=Doubles money in battle if the holder takes part.

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Scope Lens redirects here. For item with the same name from Mystery Dungeon games, see Glasses.

In-battle effect items are held items that take effect during a battle.

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Focus items

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Other items

EV-enhancing items

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Evolution-inducing items with in-battle effects

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Experience-affecting items

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Stat-enhancing items

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Type-enhancing items

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