Impostor Professor Oak

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This article is about the character. For the TCG card named "Impostor Professor Oak", see Impostor Professor Oak (Base Set 73).
Impostor Professor Oak's first TCG appearance

Impostor Professor Oak (Japanese: にせオーキドはかせ False Doctor Ōkido) is a villianous character disguised as Professor Oak.

He first appeared in the TCG card Impostor Professor Oak and has since made appearances on other cards. He also appears in the How I Became a Pokémon Card manga series.

Cards featuring Impostor Professor Oak

Name Type Rarity Set Set no.
Impostor Professor Oak T Rare Base Set 73/102
Base Set 2 102/130
Impostor Oak's Revenge T Uncommon Team Rocket 76/82
Impostor Professor Oak's Invention T Rare Neo Destiny 94/105

In the anime

James disguised himself as Professor Oak in Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? Proving to be adept in Pokemon knowledge and sharing Professor Oak's terrible poetry skills, he was very successful in imitating Professor Oak. However, after many tests including silhouette identification and writing poems, he was discovered. He did it again in A Faux Oak Finish!.

In the manga

In Pokémon Adventures, Sabrina had her Kadabra disguise itself as Professor Oak. The transformation looks extremely similar to Impostor Professor Oak.

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