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Illusio ゲンムの国 Spr Illusio Kingdom.png
Genmu Nation
Illusio Kingdom.png
Type Psychic
Warlord Kenshin, Kanetsugu, and Aya

Gate of Illusio

Illusio (Japanese: ゲンムの国 Genmu Nation) is a kingdom in Pokémon Conquest, its Warlord is Kenshin. Illusio is known to share a fierce rivalry with Terrera, a neighboring kingdom.


The floating battlefield of Illusio features Warps, Floating Cubes, and banners. When a Pokémon enters a Warp, it will be transported to a connected Warp of the same color. Floating Cubes can be stepped on for straightforward transportation. The four banners located on the battlefield restore the HP of visiting Pokémon, and determine the outcome of battle if an army manages to claim all of them.

Wild Pokémon areas

Floating Rock

Level 1-3
Abra Abra
Ralts Ralts
Kirlia Kirlia
Munna Munna
Gothita Gothita
Level 2-3
Kadabra Kadabra
Gothorita Gothorita
Level 3
Musharna Musharna

Snowy Mountain

Unlocked by Farm reaching level 2.

Level 1-3
Abra Abra
Ralts Ralts
Kirlia Kirlia
Munna Munna
Gothita Gothita
Level 2-3
Chingling Chingling
Gothorita Gothorita
Level 3
Chimecho Chimecho
Musharna Musharna

Mystery Rock

Unlocked by having completed the The Joy of Battle story and having all other facilities at level 3.

Mewtwo Mewtwo


  • Bank
    • Invest gold to upgrade locations. Not available in the initial story.
  • Shop
    • Buy and sell items.
  • Gold Mine
    • Go mining for gold.
  • Power Spot
    • Absorb a mysterious energy to temporarily improve Warriors' stats. Appears after upgrading two other utilities.


Ransei's Greatest Beauty

Aya is the Warlord of Illusio in the seven Ransei's Greatest Beauty stories.

Her default army is presented below. As the months pass, the army will develop by recruiting Warriors, forming links, increasing links, and equipping items.

She is controlled by the player in Love is a Battlefield. In this case, the default army is affected by any prior accomplishments saved in the Gallery.

Aya Hana Sen
Conquest Aya I icon.png Sweet Song Conquest Warrior F 01 icon.png Temperate Conquest Warrior F 02 icon.png Brotherhood
Powder Snow

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ゲンムの国 Genmu no Kuni From 幻夢 genmu, illusion.
English Illusio From illusion.



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