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Ignis カエンの国 Spr Ignis Kingdom.png
Kaen Nation
Ignis Kingdom.png
Type Fire
Warlord Hideyoshi, Kanbei, Hanbei and Mitsunari (Not Worth Fighting Over only)

Gate of Ignis

Ignis (Japanese: カエンの国 Kaen Nation) is a Kingdom in Pokémon Conquest. In the main story of Conquest, it is the first kingdom to attack the player, and the first the player attacks and eventually conquers.


The battlefield of Ignis is a fiery volcano with lava that can only be crossed with a Fire or Flying type. There are also flame pillars blocking some roads that can be extinguished with Water, Rock, or Ground type attacks, and crossed with a Fire or Flying type. There are also hot springs the player can use to heal his or her Pokémon of damage and status, and sometimes there will be a message saying: The Volcano has Activated! The turn after this message, fiery rocks will fall on random tiles, dealing Fire-type damage to whatever Pokémon it hits.

Wild Pokémon areas


Available Pokémon:

Charmander Charmander
Charmeleon Charmeleon
Zubat Zubat
Bidoof Bidoof
Tepig Tepig
Pignite Pignite
Darumaka Darumaka
Larvesta Larvesta

Floating Rock

Available Pokémon:

Charmander Charmander
Charmeleon Charmeleon
Chimchar Chimchar
Monferno Monferno
Tepig Tepig
Pignite Pignite
Darumaka Darumaka
Litwick Litwick
Lampent Lampent
Larvesta Larvesta

When the Floating Rock appears, two Ninjas will have this conversation:

Ninja ♀: "What a shock! This huge thing was just like...BOOM! And then it went BLAM! But then it just kind of floated there... What could it be...?!"
Ninja ♂: "I have no idea what you're talking about..."
You are now able to visit the Floating Rock.

Shrine of Truth

Available Pokémon:

Reshiram Reshiram

When the Shrine of Truth appears, a Messenger will appear and have the following exchange with Hideyoshi:

Messenger: "Th-This is incredible! A cave has appeared in Ignis! Overnight!"

Hideyoshi: "What?! Even I couldn't dig a cave in a single night!"

Messenger: "There is a Pokémon inside it, too! One that has never been seen before! It looks powerful... Most Warriors would not even dare to approach such a Pokémon."

Hideyoshi: "Hmm... That sounds interesting. I shal go and investigate!"

The Shrine of Truth has appeared in Ignis.


  • Bank
    • Invest gold to upgrade locations. Not available until after the credits.
  • Shop
    • Buy and sell items.
  • Ponigiri Shop
    • Increase Pokémon's Energy by feeding them ponigiri.
  • Mystery Springs
    • Change your Pokémon's Abilities using the power of the Mystery Springs. Appears after upgrading two other utilities.


Not Worth Fighting Over (entire block)

Mitsunari can and will recruit more Warriors found in his Kingdom and equip items to himself and his army prior to being attacked.

Mitsunari Takatora
Conquest Mitsunari I icon.png Marksman Conquest Warrior M 11 icon.png Added Bonus

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese カエンの国 Kaen no Kuni From 火炎 kaen, flame.
English Ignis From ignis, Latin for fire.
Chinese (Mandarin) 火焰之國 Huǒyàn-zhī Guó From 火焰 huǒyàn, flame.



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