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{{Infobox island
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|island=Ice Island

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Ice Island
氷の島 Ice Island
Ice Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Power of One
Location of Ice Island in the Orange Archipelago

Ice Island (Japanese: 氷の島 Ice Island) is an island in the central Orange Archipelago, featured in the second movie.

One of the three elemental islands off the south coast of Shamouti Island, Ice Island is the tallest of the three with a mountain stretching up far into the clouds. It is in the middle of the three islands. The northern end of the island is covered with an icy forest and large bay. The mountain contains numerous tunnels leading to the summit. It is constantly covered in snow, despite being in such a tropical area. This is due to the presence of Articuno, who keeps the temperature low. At the summit of the mountain, inside a crater, lies an altar holding the glowing orb of Ice Island.

Pokémon seen on Ice Island

Articuno M02.png

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