Ice Floe Beach (Friend Area)

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Ice Floe Beach りゅうひょうかいがん
Ice Floe Beach
Ice Floe Beach.png
Predominant type: Water
Capacity: 5
Method to obtain: Buy for 9,500 Poké
Friend Area

Ice Floe Beach (Japanese: りゅうひょうかいがん Ice Floe Beach) is a Friend Area. It has a capacity of only five Pokémon. It can be bought from Wigglytuff for PokémonDollar.png9,500 after beating Rayquaza.



Ice Floe Beach is a small area consisting of several floating chuncks of ice and cold blue water.

In-game data

A frigid sea where ice sheets drift about impressively. Even in the subzero waters, some Pokémon swim about.


Pokémon Location
086 Seel Mt. Freeze 3F-7F
Stormy Sea B9F-B14F
Silver Trench B6F-B14F
Far-Off Sea B6F-B14F
Marvelous Sea B6F-B14F
Fantasy Strait B6F-B14F
087 Dewgong Evolve Seel
363 Spheal Stormy Sea B15F-B24F
Silver Trench B10F-B19F
Far-Off Sea B10F-B19F
Marvelous Sea B10F-B19F
Fantasy Strait B10F-B19F
364 Sealeo Stormy Sea B34F-B39F
Silver Trench B26F-B33F
Far-Off Sea B35F-B44F
365 Walrein Evolve Sealeo

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