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{{movemid|type=ice|user=Gliscor (Pokémon)|user1=A wild Gliscor|startcode=PS378|startname=Grumpy Gliscor|notes=Debut}}
{{movemid|type=ice|user=Gliscor (Pokémon)|user1=A wild Gliscor|startcode=PS378|startname=Grumpy Gliscor|notes=Debut}}
{{movep|type=ice|ms=508|pkmn=Stoutland|method=Stoutland jumps at the opponent and bites it, causing its body to begin freezing.}}
{{movep|type=ice|ms=508|pkmn=Stoutland|method=Stoutland jumps at the opponent and bites it, causing its body to begin freezing.}}
{{movebtmManga|type=ice|user=Lenora|user1=Lenora's Stoutland|startcode=ABW13|startname=Battle at the Museum}}
{{movebtmManga|type=ice|user=Lenora|user1=Lenora's Stoutland|startcode=PS473|startname=Battle at the Museum}}
===In the Pocket Monsters HGSS Jou's Big Adventure manga===
===In the Pocket Monsters HGSS Jou's Big Adventure manga===

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Ice Fang
こおりのキバ Ice Fang
Type  Ice
Category  Physical
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  65
Accuracy  95%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation IV
Condition  Cool
Appeal  3 ♥♥♥
Jam  0  
No additional effect
Condition  Cool
Appeal  3 ♥♥♥
A basic performance using a move known by the Pokémon.
Condition  Cool
Appeal  0  
Jamming  0  

Ice Fang (Japanese: こおりのキバ Ice Fang) is a damage-dealing Ice-type move introduced in Generation IV.


Ice Fang deals damage and has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent. It also has a 10% chance of causing the target to flinch, if the user attacks before the target.


Games Description
The user bites with cold-infused fangs. It may also make the foe flinch or freeze.
The user bites with cold-infused fangs. It may also make the target flinch or leave it frozen.
PMDTDS Inflicts damage on the target. It may also afflict the targeted enemy with a Frozen status condition or a Cringe status condition.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Type Level
024 Arbok Arbok Poison Poison -- -- '
130 Gyarados Gyarados Water Flying 32 32 '
142 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl Rock Flying -- -- '
158 Totodile Totodile Water Water 20 20 '
159 Croconaw Croconaw Water Water 21 21 '
160 Feraligatr Feraligatr Water Water 21 21 '
208 Steelix Steelix Steel Ground -- -- '
209 Snubbull Snubbull Normal Normal -- -- '
210 Granbull Granbull Normal Normal -- -- '
221 Piloswine Piloswine Ice Ground 28 28 24 ''''
245 Suicune Suicune Water Water 50 50 '
248 Tyranitar Tyranitar Rock Dark -- -- '
295 Exploud Exploud Normal Normal -- -- '
318 Carvanha Carvanha Water Dark 16 16 '
319 Sharpedo Sharpedo Water Dark 16 16 '
361 Snorunt Snorunt Ice Ice 28 28 ''''
362 Glalie Glalie Ice Ice 28 28 ''''
365 Walrein Walrein Ice Water 44 44 ''''
367 Huntail Huntail Water Water 24 24 '
419 Floatzel Floatzel Water Water -- -- '
450 Hippowdon Hippowdon Ground Ground -- -- '
452 Drapion Drapion Poison Dark -- -- '
471 Glaceon Glaceon Ice Ice 43 43 21 ''''
472 Gliscor Gliscor Ground Flying -- -- '
473 Mamoswine Mamoswine Ice Ground 28 28 24 ''''
508 Stoutland Stoutland Normal Normal   -- '
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

By breeding

# Pokémon Type Level
111 Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Ground Rock ArbokTotodileCroconawFeraligatrSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineTyranitarExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceon ArbokTotodileCroconawFeraligatrSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineTyranitarExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
209 Snubbull Snubbull Normal Normal ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudSnoruntGlalieWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceon ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudSnoruntGlalieWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
261 Poochyena Poochyena Dark Dark ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceon ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
303 Mawile Mawile Steel Steel ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudSnoruntGlalieWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceon ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudSnoruntGlalieWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
309 Electrike Electrike Electric Electric ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceon ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
403 Shinx Shinx Electric Electric ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceon ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
506 Lillipup Lillipup Normal Normal no ArbokSnubbullGranbullPiloswineMamoswineExploudWalreinFloatzelHippowdonGlaceonStoutland
633 Deino Deino Dark Dragon no ArbokGyarados
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

By event

Generation V

#   Pokémon Type Obtained with
309 309 Electrike Electric Dream World - Pleasant Forest
Bold indicates a Pokémon which gets STAB from this move.
Italic indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form gets STAB
from this move.

In the anime

Dawn Mamoswine Ice Fang.png Crasher Wake Floatzel Ice Fang.png Burgundy Stoutland Ice Fang.png None.png
Mamoswine Floatzel Stoutland
The user's fangs glow light blue and each one sends a bolt of ice at the foe.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
419 Floatzel Floatzel's fangs glow light blue and it releases two light blue beams of energy from its fangs at the opponent.
Crasher Wake's Floatzel A Crasher Course in Power! Debut
508 Stoutland Stoutland bites down on the opponent and a white mist starts to seep out of its mouth. Then, the inside of Stoutland's mouth starts to glow light blue brightly and ice starts to form from its mouth and expands outwards around the opponent's body.
Burgundy's Stoutland Reunion Battles In Nimbasa! None
473 Mamoswine Mamoswine's tusks glow light blue, grow larger and become covered by ice. Mamoswine then charges at the opponent.
Dawn's Mamoswine Battling Authority Once Again! None

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Pocket Monsters HGSS Jou's Big Adventure manga

In other generations

File:Ice Fang HGSS.png
Generation I RBY Generation I
Generation I
Generation II Generation II
Generation II
Crystal Generation III Generation III
Generation III
RS FRLG FRLGE Generation IV Generation IV
Generation IV
PtHGSS HGSS Generation V BW B2W2 Generation V
Generation V
Generation VI XY ORAS Stadium (Jap) Stadium Stadium 2 Colosseum XD Battle Revolution Battle Revolution
(alternative animation)
Battrio Mystery Dungeon PMD: Red and Blue PMD: Time, Darkness, Sky Rumble Rumble Blast

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 冰牙 Bīngyá
France Flag.png French Crocs Givre
Germany Flag.png German Eiszahn
Greece Flag.png Greek Παγόδοντες
India Flag.png Hindi बर्फीले दांत Barfeeley Daant
Italy Flag.png Italian Gelodenti
South Korea Flag.png Korean 얼음엄니 Eol'eum Eomni
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Isbitt
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Mordida de Gelo
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Presa de Gelo
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Colmillo de Hielo
Spain Flag.png Spain Colm. Hielo

Variations of the move Fire Fang
Physical Fire FangIce FangThunder Fang

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