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Template:ElementalTypes Template:TypeNotice Trainers of note that specialize in the Ice type include Lorelei of the Kanto Elite Four, Pryce of Mahogany Town, Glacia of the Hoenn Elite Four, and Candice of Snowpoint City.

Statistical averages


HP: 75
Attack: 67
Defense: 72
Sp.Atk: 74
Sp.Def: 79
Speed: 66
Total: 0

Fully evolved

HP: 81.79
Attack: 80.86
Defense: 85.00
Sp.Atk: 86.21
Sp.Def: 90.36
Speed: 77.86
Total: 0

Battle properties

Generation I

Offensive Ice Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
½× Ice
½× Ice
None None

Generation II-onwards

Offensive Ice Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
½× Ice
½× Fire
None None


The Ice type is considered by many to be the worst of all types defensively. It only resists itself, while carrying weaknesses to Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel, making it weak to moves such as Stealth Rock, Bullet Punch and Fire Blast. These defensive weaknesses are reduced somewhat by the rarity of pure Ice-types. However, many Ice-types have more weaknesses than resistances even with another type.

Offensive-wise, because only two non-Ice-types doubly resist Ice (Empoleon and Heatran), Ice is alongside Ground and Fighting as one of the most powerful and most commonly used types. Double weaknesses to Ice are the most common (especially among Template:Type2s, whose final forms are almost all doubly weak). Ice also pairs strongly with other common attacking types, notably Ground and Electric. Template:Type2s can also effectively use Ice attacks, which cover their major weakness of Grass, as well as Dragon, which resists their moves.

When used in contests, Ice-type moves typically become Beauty moves, while some may be Cool moves.

In total, there are only 29 Pokémon of the currently known 649 with the Ice type, which accounts for a small amount of the Pokédex. This means it is tied with Dragon as one of the rarest of all types to be had by a Pokémon, second only to Ghost.


Pure Ice-type Pokémon

# Name
361 361 Snorunt
362 362 Glalie
378 378 Regice
471 471 Glaceon
582 582 Banipucchi
583 583 Baniricchi
584 584 Baibanira
613 613 Kumashun
614 614 Tsunbear
615 615 Furiijio

Half Ice-type Pokémon

Primary Ice-type Pokémon

# Name Type 1 Type 2
124 124 Jynx Ice Psychic
144 144 Articuno Ice Flying
220 220 Swinub Ice Ground
221 221 Piloswine Ice Ground
225 225 Delibird Ice Flying
238 238 Smoochum Ice Psychic
363 363 Spheal Ice Water
364 364 Sealeo Ice Water
365 365 Walrein Ice Water
473 473 Mamoswine Ice Ground
478 478 Froslass Ice Ghost

Secondary Ice-type Pokémon

# Name Type 1 Type 2
087 087 Dewgong Water Ice
091 091 Cloyster Water Ice
131 131 Lapras Water Ice
215 215 Sneasel Dark Ice
459 459 Snover Grass Ice
460 460 Abomasnow Grass Ice
461 461 Weavile Dark Ice
646 646 Kyurem Dragon Ice


Damage-dealing moves

Name Category Contest Power Accuracy PP Target Notes
Aurora Beam Special Beauty 65 100% 20 One foe Has a 10% chance of lowering the opponent's Attack.
Avalanche Physical Cool 60 100% 10 One foe Deals double damage if user was hurt this turn.
Blizzard Special Beauty 120 70% 5 Both foes Has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent.
Ice Ball Physical Beauty 30 90% 20 One foe Attacks up to 5 turns in a row; power doubles with each successive hit.
Ice Beam Special Beauty 95 100% 10 One foe Has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent.
Ice Fang Physical Cool 65 95% 15 One foe Has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent and cause flinching.
Ice Punch Physical Beauty 75 100% 15 One foe Has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent.
Ice Shard Physical Beauty 40 100% 30 One foe Always attacks first.
Icicle Spear Physical Beauty 10 100% 30 One foe Attacks two to five times in a row.
Icy Wind Special Beauty 55 95% 15 Both foes Lowers the target's Speed.
Powder Snow Special Beauty 40 100% 25 Both foes Has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent.
Sheer Cold Special Beauty 30% 5 One foe Target faints.

Non-damaging moves

Name Category Contest Power Accuracy PP Target Notes
Hail Status Beauty 100% 10 All Causes Hail to fall for 5 turns*.
Haze Status Beauty 100% 30 All Resets stat changes in all Pokémon.
Mist Status Beauty 100% 30 Self Protects user from stat downgrades (from an opposing Pokémon) for 5 turns.


  • Pure Ice-type species were not introduced until Generation III.
  • Thirteen of the fifteen Ice-type moves are Beauty moves in Contests. The only two that aren't are new in Generation IV, meaning that in Hoenn Contests, all Ice-type moves were Beauty moves.
  • Only the Normal-type has a lower number of resistances than the Ice type, having no resistances (but one immunity). Ice only resists itself.
  • All types that are weak to Ice have been combined with it on at least one Pokémon.
  • There has been a Gym Leader or Elite Four member who specializes in the Ice introduced in each generation.
    • All three of the Ice-type specialists who are Gym Leaders, Pryce, Candice, and Hachiku, are the seventh Gym Leaders in their respective region.
  • Despite Fire being strong against Ice, and Electric being neutral to Ice, in Generation I, there are actually more Ice-type Pokémon that are weak to Electric than Ice Pokémon that are weak to Fire. This is largely due to the fact that most Ice-type Pokémon in that generation are also part Water.

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